Top 10 Taglines Rejected by Costa Rica’s Tourism Board

costa rica taglines

David in Costa Rica

1. Where does the bus stop? Where it stops.

2. Today’s gringo menu? Identical to the local’s menu but with a 450% you-ain’t-Latino surcharge.

3. Average bus trip? A few driving hours + time for the bus driver to finish his game of dominoes, dealing with the logistics of the bus backing into the mango stand and changing at least three flat tires.

4. Costa-You’d-Better-Be-Rico.

5. San Hole-se, Costa Rica

6. Think you are getting screwed? You are.

7. Fall asleep to the sounds of nature at night, wake up to 7483 roosters.

8. Costa Rica: Now with More Americans than Oklahoma & Massachusetts combined!

9. Costa Rica: 1st World Prices, 3rd World Roads.

10. Yeah, we don’t know where the hell our toilet seats are either.


And if you go, don’t go without one of these:



4 thoughts on “Top 10 Taglines Rejected by Costa Rica’s Tourism Board

  1. Ha ha! So true but they are such nice people. I wish I could pay my income taxes to Costa Rica they spend wisely.

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