Best Street Food in The World {Weekly Top 10}

Bangkok Thailand has some of the absolute best food in the world. Not only is it the best – it is made on the streets and it costs but a few dollars. If you should ever find yourself in Bangkok, or anywhere in Thailand for that matter, do yourself a favor and dont be scared of the food on the streets. The chefs take great pride in the delicious dishes they make and it shows. Its hard to describe a smell in a song or a taste through an image but trust us on this one, Thailand’s street food is some of the most amazing food in the world.

Weekly Top 10 Photos of the Best Street Food in the World from As It Is a la the Delicious Day.

Delicious…everything delicious.

Pork Balls.

Fruit – plentiful and delicious.

Insects: an interesting solution to the protein demands of a growing population.

Street side Pad Thai – there are 100s of these stands around town.

Grill Sergeant.

The Neigborhood Fish Shop.

Whole cooked chickens in the street. Outstanding.

Durian Jail. Durians are an illegal fruit in some places in Thailand because of it

Dollar menu Thai street style.


Other Top 10 Weekly Photos from As It Is:

Top 10 Weekly Photos from As It Is:

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