Driver’s Ed: Southeast Asia Style {Weekly Top 10}

Road Trip! As It Is takes you through Southeast Asia the way Southeast Asians do it … on a moped. So buckle up (figuratively), strap on your helmet (optional) & forget everything you learned in drivers training. There are no rules, signals, stop lights, speed limits, max cap or police out here.

Top 10 Photos: Driving Southeast Asia Style courtesy of As It Is a la The Delicious Day.

Phnom Pehn Cambodia Rush Hour Traffic

You know the locals are like “Get that fucking elephant off the road, asshole.”

This lady opted for the scooter instead of the mini-van.

Taking the dog for a ride in Chiang Mai Thailand

This dog was loving it!

Getting Gas In Thailand

Gas Station in Thailand.

As It Is Pakse Laos Tuk Tuk Taxi

It was actually way scarier to let someone else drive.

4000 Islands Laos -

Sometimes you just want to keep going.

Southern Loop Laos

Look Mom … helmets.

Souther Loop in Laos

Vietnam built roads for Laos so that they could come take their trees. True story.

Rush Hour Traffic in Chiang Mai Thailand

Mini helmets – could be big.

Gas Station In Laos

Gas Station In Laos.


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3 thoughts on “Driver’s Ed: Southeast Asia Style {Weekly Top 10}

  1. These are the most amazing photos. I am sure that you will win an award one day.

  2. I feel lucky to share this amazing travel with you. I miss you and I’m happy for you!

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