How to Retire 15 Years Early

All the clamoring on about retirement is around, “How much should you save? Will you save? Can you save??” David and I look at it differently. We look at it as how much should we not be spending? And by not spending, what are we saving? I figured it out lately – based on David […]

Quit Job, Lives Abroad

Konrad Rzasa had a very successful 12 year corporate career working at the executive level for the likes of Raytheon and GE, but Konrad had passions outside of his corporate life. One of which was travel. Konrad liked his corporate life but knew it had limitations. He wanted a change in lifestyle so he could […]

Expats with Young Kids in Tow

Carrie McKeegan grew up in New York, went to graduate school in Barcelona and then moved to London for her career. When she and her husband started thinking about having their first child they realized their lives of working 10 to 12 hour days and traveling on the weekends would not be as feasible with […]

Q & A: Srinivas Rao of BlogcastFM

I was first introduced to BlogcastFM and Srinivas Rao (Srini) through Betsy Talbot of Married with Luggage. She emailed me a link to his site as she thought I would dig his stuff. As Betsy took the time to email me from whatever third world country mountain village she was exploring at the time, I […]

Building a Business from Trouble

Sheila and I met when she shared her story with me about how she found an asthma cure through an alternative healing technique. As we were chatting she told me the story of her 12 year old niece, Kendra, who had lost her dad, her grandmother and her family dog, Irish. Her niece Kendra and […]