10 Taglines for Vegas Tourism?

#1) Not married? You will be. Married? You won’t be. #2) Sleeping is for pussies and/or for those who don’t feel like paying for one. #3) Two nights expenses? A teeny, teeny bit more than the GDP of Gambia. #4) Dear Mexico, We know you have that little availability of drinking water problem, but The […]

10 Taglines for Vail, Colorado?

#1) 99% of our population — male, 0% of our population — sober. #2) Seven miles wide, 5400 acres deep, 3,000 onesie sightings per day. #3) Cost of pizza at Two Elks Lodge = $4/slice + the 6000% eat here or choose to starve tax. #4) Sit back and relax — your entire vacation is […]