57 Yrs Old & Not Married

Jean is 57. She has never been married and never had children. She never thought about being marriage or having a life partner until now. Here is a bit of her story. Did you consciously choose not to marry and not to have children, or is that the way that your life played out? It’s […]

Long Distance Marriage

Patricia had a two-year job contract in Paris. It was a great opportunity for her, but not for her husband. They decided she would move to Paris while he stayed in Toronto. Four months after returning to Toronto, her husband moved to San Francisco — for two years. Here is a bit of her story… […]

Signs of Good & Bad Couples

As a wedding planner Robyn Bruns of Red Letter Event Planning  helps create the perfect day for Chicago couples. In doing so, she learns a quite a bit about the bride, the groom,  and their tastes in flowers, venues and entrees. Sometimes, however, she learns things about couples and their future marriage that perhaps they […]

Childless & Called Selfish

There was a time when Betsy thought she was supposed to have kids, but never a time when she really wanted them. In her 20’s she made the decision to not have children of her own. She is comfortable with her decision. Others are not. When birth control started to cause blood pressure problems she […]

No Kids & Surgery to Ensure It

In kindergarten, Anne remembers asking herself if she would rather be born a boy or a girl. Her five year old mind was reluctant to choose boy as such a choice would require her to go to war and kill people. But, being a girl she reasoned would require her to have children. Both options […]