8 Month African Honeymoon

Anushka and Eric got married in May 2010. Their honeymoon? A one year trip around the world with eight of these 12 months spent traveling 23 countries in Africa. In eight months they would travel through the majority of the West, East and Southern African countries. Their favorite places may surprise you. Here is a […]

How to Live without Plastic

In 2007, while Beth Terry was recovering from surgery she stumbled across an article with a photo of an albatross whose stomach was filled with everyday plastic items she regularly used.  It hit her like nothing ever had. The picture drove her to the decision of getting plastic out of her life to the absolute […]

How to Housesit Around the World

Andy Peck was looking for a place to write. He thought somewhere aesthetically pleasing and free of charge sounded nice. When he found a multi-million pound Spanish mountain retreat and neither him nor the owners could believe their luck, he thought he might be able to make a business out of this. Here is a […]

Became Vegan & Lost 20 Lbs.

For 16 years Catherine has studied, worked and lived food. I have yet to meet research she is unaware of, a health issue she can’t provide dietary advice for or a recipe she can’t fix. Five years ago she decided to be a vegetarian. Two years ago her disgust with factory farms, her concern with […]

Camping in Africa for 4.5 Months

Most people go to the beach for a week in the summer. Mike Valigore & Kelly Hatch went to Sub-Saharan Africa — for 4.5 months. While the rest of us were sipping mojitos in lounge chairs, Mike and Kelly were getting charged by elephants, swimming with great white sharks, visiting some of the most ravaged […]