How to Choose Friends

There are three types of people: 1. Those who are around for the good times 2. Those who are around for the bad times 3. Friends Does this mean that you should only associate with the #3s? Of course, not. Does it mean that you should always know who falls into what bucket and act/expect […]

Lessons in Funny Dog Death

Kooter was not his real name. But it was the name friends gave him when they saw his backyard collection of rusty 10 speed bicycles and equally rusty 55-gallon drums. His boom box playing AC/DC’s Back in Black album on repeat often rested atop these drums while he sat indoors and let the neighbors enjoy […]

13 Dating Douche Bags Truths

If you are debating whether or not to date (or keep dating) some with a little or a lot of douche-iness, here are 13 unequivocable truths on the douchebaggery dating experience: 1. He who lies to others, lies to you. She who tells herself otherwise is lying to herself. 2. He who does not have […]