Is Being PC F’ing Us All?

My lovely friend Lane was one mom in a two-mom household. Her story of dual-mommying was one, in my opinion, that needed to be told.  When Lane not only agreed to chat with me but was excited about the opportunity to share her and her wife’s story; we went about the same process I do […]

“G” is for Globalization

Annual Report — Really, really pretty paper. Really, really bad news. Executive Leadership Team — CWTFO’s Filing Chapter 11 – Dear Wall Street, All is cool with us. Only little change is we just realized it is wayyyyy easier not to pay our bills. “Not that I am being critical.” — “I am being critical.” […]

10 Taglines for Vegas Tourism?

#1) Not married? You will be. Married? You won’t be. #2) Sleeping is for pussies and/or for those who don’t feel like paying for one. #3) Two nights expenses? A teeny, teeny bit more than the GDP of Gambia. #4) Dear Mexico, We know you have that little availability of drinking water problem, but The […]

P is for “Push Back”

A short list of workplace terms and definitions to help you hit the ground running in demonstrating and leveraging your value add. Due diligence — All in favor say ‘Aye’? “I think we need to take a step back.” — Dear Project Team, Welcome to ‘Operation Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda, Ain’t Eva Gonna Happen.’ Commute — […]