Passive Aggressive Bitches

You know them (unfortunately). The stingy family members, those who disguise themselves as friends and the co-workers whose only objective is seemingly knocking you down a few rungs. These people know precisely how, when and where to serve up jabs at your character, reminders of moments you would prefer to forget and comments which are […]

The Only 3 Reasons to Go to College

The one question my parents permitted regarding college was, “Which are you going to attend?” Their persistence proved so successful I never considered, perhaps the other question, “Should I even go?” Lucky for me, mom and dad’s persuasion was accompanied with an offer to pay for all expenses minus the “fun” money – for which […]

7 Sad Truths for Expats

I liken the differences between traveling to another country and living there, to the differences between observing a bucking bull and being on the back of one. I learned this after living in Puerto Rico*, Amsterdam and my husband David’s hometown, a small village outside of Barcelona. What do I wish I would have known […]

How I Feel Used

Does feeling used have to feel like crap? I would argue, no. In fact, I would argue “used” can bring feelings of empowerment, connectedness and even downright euphoria. How? Because when I buy used belongings I understand, know and love all of this: That I spent drastically less which means I can work less. (And […]

Keep Vacation Alive at the 9 to 5

It happened every time. I would be traveling through the world’s mountains, seas or cities and would have complete clarity as to what I should, and even more importantly, could be doing with my life. I could, I thought in these moments, have the same level of enthusiasm I have for strangers at home that […]