Resolved Grief, Cured Asthma

Edie Weinstein was diagnosed with asthma at the age of four. Through the years, as she relied on the typical Western approach to her illness, she began to learn about the physiological and psychological aspects of the condition. As she improved both her physical health and issues around unresolved grief, Edie was able to cure […]

Cured Asthma in 90 Minutes

Jeanette Chasworth suffered many bouts of bronchitis as a child, but was not diagnosed with asthma until her early 20s. For four years after Jeanette was diagnosed, she looked unsuccessfully for a cure. A chance meeting between her father and a healer would turn Jeanette’s life and health around. After one 90-minute session with this […]

Cured Asthma via Energy Work

Sheila Duncan was diagnosed with asthma around the age of 12. After living with asthma for decades, she learned of a man by the name of Tom Tam who was healing people of some of life’s most serious diseases. She decided to see how he could help her asthma. A few months after attending his […]

Changed Life, Cured Asthma

Katrina Love Senn was once 60 pounds overweight. She suffered with asthma, eczema, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and thyroid issues, among other chronic diseases. When her body collapsed 15 years, ago her doctors wanted to prescribe “experimental prescription medicine.” Her intuition guided her to say no to the medication. Acting on this intuition, she refused the […]

Coconut Oil for Asthma? Yes!

Nancy Guberti is a Certified Nutritionist and a metabolic and functional medicine specialist in Greenwich, Connecticut. She has helped numerous asthmatics significantly reduce their asthma symptoms and even cure their asthma. In her years of practicing Nancy has come to find distinct patterns in the asthmatics she treats. These patterns are very high levels of […]