L is for “Leaving Early”

A short list of workplace terms and definitions to help you hit the ground running in demonstrating and leveraging your value add.

Managing Expectations — You know that thing you want? You aren’t getting it. Ever.

Cut-Backs — Bye, bye free bagel Friday

Team Building –- Guess whose ass is going bowling?

In Late – Hungover, Job Interview, Both

Leaving Early – See ‘In Late’

Paid Time Off (PTO)– Get me the fuck out of here

Intern – Master of The Useless Spreadsheet

Legal Contract – Air tight document except in the case where the client blows a gasket


Weekly Team Meeting – 30 minutes dedicated to status updates i.e. complaining about IT

Dress Code — Don’t dress like a slut, unless you are that chick in marketing


If you want to roll up your sleeves and take a deep dive into other vernacular you wouldn’t be caught with your pants down using outside of normal business hours see:

P is for “Push Back”

S is for “Sexual Harassment”

N is for “Not Client Facing”

I is for “I am Gonna Have to Escalate”

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