“G” is for Globalization

Annual Report — Really, really pretty paper. Really, really bad news.

Executive Leadership Team — CWTFO’s

Filing Chapter 11 – Dear Wall Street, All is cool with us. Only little change is we just realized it is wayyyyy easier not to pay our bills.

“Not that I am being critical.” — “I am being critical.”

Creative Brainstorming Session — Whiteboard meet Apathy

Better Communication — In short, does anyone have any ideas how we make sure the people who need to know…actually do?!?!

Annual Personal Goals — A list of 3 – 5 objectives specific enough to show what you plan to do in the next 365 days. Vague enough to ensure you never actually have to do them.

Globalization — Dear Third World Country, How about a Venti Caramel Macchiato to go along with that 22 hour workday?

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