Resolved Grief, Cured Asthma

Edie Weinstein was diagnosed with asthma at the age of four. Through the years, as she relied on the typical Western approach to her illness, she began to learn about the physiological and psychological aspects of the condition. As she improved both her physical health and issues around unresolved grief, Edie was able to cure […]

Why We Quit

It is more than a week after many have made their New Year’s Eve Resolutions. This probably means that most us have forgotten—or are at least on the road to forgetting—that we ever made them. Until New Year’s Eve this year, my resolution was around writing more. Then, on December 31st my sister posted this […]

Is He The One?

Not sure if he is the one? Are those doubts just nerves or are they reality shining through? 13 signs he is the one. 1. You Almost Never Fight When constantly arguing about who is wrong – your relationship is not right. My question is how did persistent and regular arguments become acceptable? And, better […]

Passive Aggressive Bitches

You know them (unfortunately). The stingy family members, those who disguise themselves as friends and the co-workers whose only objective is seemingly knocking you down a few rungs. These people know precisely how, when and where to serve up jabs at your character, reminders of moments you would prefer to forget and comments which are […]