Dated for 20 Yrs, Won’t Marry

Tammy and Kyle have been in a relationship for twenty years. Together they have two daughters, run a business and own property. Tammy describes Kyle as “the person she loves most in life,” yet she never wants to marry him. Here is a bit of her story. Why have you never married? In my mind […]

54, No Children & Happy

Deb is in her mid-fifties. She retired at 45. She is now an artist living with her husband in the mountains of Colorado. Over  thirty years ago she decided not to have children. Now three decades later she is defying the adage of “you will regret not having kids when you are older.” Here is […]

Q & A: Phone Sex Operator

Charlene got started in the phone sex industry 27 years ago when she responded to an ad that read, “Conversationalist. Adult Talk. Work from Home.” She makes about $5 for every 15 minutes she spends talking and listening to phone sex addicts, guys who want to have sex with their mothers and guys who are […]

Coping with Daughter’s Death

In 1994, at the age of 20 Nicole gave birth to a daughter with a heart disease in which life expectancy was three years. Nine and a half years later, Nicole’s daughter Kassie lost the fight to Hypoplastic Left Ventricle Syndrome while she laid next to her in their apartment. Few people would judge Nicole […]