5 Ways Feng Shui Can Help You Lose Weight

lose weight with feng shui Trying to lose weight and just can’t figure out why it isn’t happening? Are you doing almost everything right and the weight is still not coming off?

Maybe it is because the Feng Shui of your home is out of whack – and the Chi (energy) of your house is working against your weight loss efforts instead of with you.

Here are 5 things to help get your house harmonized and in alignment with your weight loss goals.

1. Take Extreme Care with Entrance of Your House

Too much mindless eating is why we need to lose weight – and mindless eating is what we need to stop to do so. To curb eating without thinking do this: if there is an entrance to your house that does not give immediate line of sight to the kitchen – use that entrance exclusively.

Not instantly eyeing the room loaded with food – upon entering your home – will help you think about food less and prevent you from thoughtlessly and immediately gravitating towards it.

If it is not possible to use a different entrance put other eye catching objects – such as a tall plant, a great rug on the floor, art work on the wall, furniture or any other object that will grab your attention away from thinking about and making a beeline to the kitchen.

2. Eating Off of Black or Blue Plates Makes You Feel Fuller Faster

Blues and greens are calming colors that help you feel content and relaxed. Red, orange, yellow, purple and pink cause your brain to be energized and want more. (All we have to do is look down a cereal or candy aisle at the grocery to know this is true, right? It is not happenstance that packages of high sugar, salt and fat food items are contained within these energizing colors.)

It is not only good to have blues, greens and blacks in your eating area but research shows that eating from black or blue plates makes you feel fuller and helps reduce appetite – faster. (Think of the color of plates you get at restaurants – mostly white. Why? Because they want you to keep on eating.)

3. Get Rid of Clothes that Don’t Fit

While losing weight, there is always the day you decide to get rid of the clothes that once fit you – but now through all of your weight loss efforts – do not. (Hurrah!) There is a tendency to not buy new clothes until you “lose all the weight” but holding onto the old ill-fitting clothes is symbolically, and literally, holding onto old weight.

4. Absolutely No Clutter in the Kitchen. None.

A kitchen with too many pots and pans you don’t use; chipped, broken or never eaten from dishes, appliances you never touch; food (frozen, refrigerated or otherwise) you have no intentions of eating, doubles and triples of anything (seriously you do not need three can openers) – makes people who live there feel – weighed down.

If you want to lose weight – your kitchen must lose weight. If you want to feel light and airy – where you eat and store your food – must feel light and airy as well.

To do this start with the least cluttered (or “weighed down”) drawer, cupboard or shelf of your kitchen and donate, recycle or throw away everything that:

• You have not used in the last year
• Do not love and deeply, deeply adore (Grandma’s pot holders may be useless and grandma-y but they sure make us happy and they should be kept.)
• Anything that is broken or chipped (No you are not going to fix it. How do I know? Because if you were going to – you would have.)
• Any doubles or triples or quadruples of anything
• Anything that makes you feel weighed down, is symbolic of negative energy or a reminder of bad times
• Anything that is hurting, not helping your weight loss (Look for all those goodies in red and brightly colored packages!)
• Any food you bought but have not eaten in the last year. The fact that you could still eat it – is a clear indication that it is not healthy for you.

5. Get a Decluttering and Feng Shui Buddy

Want an expert decluttering and Feng Shui buddy to help you get started and support you in your weight loss efforts? Want you, your house and your life to feel light and happy? I help people all over Denver and the country get the clutter out of their house, so they can put their life, good energy and living back in to it. Want to learn more? Email me with any questions or to schedule a decluttering and Feng Shui session.

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