How Millennials Will Save Our Asses

millennial impact They are said to be entitled, excessively needy and consummately lazy. They believe they are always deserving of a reward, an A, a trophy. They are slow to grow up and in no hurry to move along. They are in unprecedented debt and facing world issues that could be the end of us all – but they might just be the generation that saves all our asses. Here’s how:

They will reduce the world’s population

Although the number of people living on earth is more than ever and although the Millennials are the biggest generation in U.S. history, making up a third of our current population, the numbers aren’t telling a true story – because Millennials are having fewer babies than any generation before them. According to the research of the Urban Institute, if the Millennials lack of interest in baby making continues the U.S will “face the type of generational imbalance that currently characterizes Japan and some European countries.” And p.s. the population rates in Japan and Europe are consistently and significantly – declining – despite numerous efforts by governments to encourage the contrary.

They will help ease racism

The Millennials are such a curiosity and conundrum even the White House is researching them; and their findings show 15% of Millennials were not born in the United States and 4 out of 10 of them identify as a race that is not non-hispanic white – making them the most culturally diverse, and as much research shows, the most inclusive generation in U.S. history.

They will increase philanthropy

Research also shows Millennial high school students value making a contribution to society and being a leader in their community as being more important to them than prior generations.

They will have more educated women than any other generation in history

Those born between 1980 and 2000 (aka the Millennials, aka formerly Gen Y) are the first folks in U.S. history where women are outpacing men in earning college degrees.

They are giving the rat race the finger

While Millennials, like prior generations want a stable financial situation, research shows they aren’t as concerned about getting promoted and having that corner office as prior generations. Joint research by the Clinton Global Initiative and Microsoft also shows they are far less interested in work – with 24% viewing themselves as hardworking in comparison to 76% of the generation before them identifying themselves as nose-to-the-grindstone types.

Further, research also predicts a dramatic makeover to the “look and feel of work” due to fact that Millennials are not motivated “simply by ex­tolling profits, or re­turn on in­vest­ment for their share­hold­ers, or even em­ploy­ee salar­ies.”

They are teaching us the value of family and community (again)

In addition to the more-community-mindedness of the Millennials, they also put more value on closeness with their families than prior generations. While 40% of GenXers say it is important to live by their families and 29% of baby boomers like to be near their brood – approximately 50% of Millennials say they want to stick close to home.

They are slowing urban sprawl

The American city is going through a Renaissance period much due to the fact that Millennials are choosing urban over suburban or rural. In 2014, 73% of college educated Millennials between the ages of 25 and 34 chose to live in metropolitan areas. Compare that with 67% opting for city living in 1980.

They are demanding environmental protection

While only 24% of Millennial moms and dads believe the environment deserves proper attention and affection, 76% of Millennials believe Mother Earth is deserving of some serious TLC (and 2/3 of them are will to pay more for products that will help give our planet a helping hand.)

They will force communities and businesses to build better public transportation

One of the biggest sectors losing sleep over what to do with the Millennials is the auto industry. For the first time in history, auto sales are not going up but down with the culprit being Millennials who are not interested in (or capable of?) buying new wheels. IMHO, this will force the auto industry to either settle for dwindling sales or transform from auto manufacturer to transportation creator in the form of better biking and car sharing, bus systems, light rail, subway and train options.

They are demanding corporate responsibility

A survey of 1200 Millennials showed 89% of them are more likely to buy from a corporation that demonstrates their support for social issues.

They might just turn politics on their head

A Reason-Rupe poll indicates 62% of Millennials refer to themselves as liberal meaning they are pro-gay marriage, pro-legalization of marijuana and have few, if any, views on government spending. 53% of the poll-ees said they would vote for a candidate “who was socially liberal and fiscally conservative.”

They will force big banks and Wall Street to change

A study of 10,000+ Millennials showed, “they would rather go to the dentist than be forced to listen to what the banks are saying.” To add insult to banking injury, five major banks rank in the Millennials list of top 10 least popular brands: Bank of Amer­ica, JP­Mor­gan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Cit­ig­roup. Leaving the authors of the study to conclude the Millennials might just be the generation that puts the brakes on the banks.






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