Better Bedroom Feng Shui: 21 Tips

Bedroom Feng Shui Tips Is your bedroom feng shui – working with you – for better love, sex and sleep or working against you? Are your relationships messy, confusing or just plain non-existent? Do you want to keep a great relationship thriving? 21 Tips Bedroom feng shui tips to get you (or keep you) going.

 1. Avoid Blues, Greens and White in the Bedroom

Blues, greens and whites are considered “cooling” colors and as such will impair or diminish intimacy. For good bedroom feng shui, choose warm and serene colors – sometimes considered the flesh colors – soft tans and pinks to dark browns.

 2. No King Sized Beds

King size beds allow for two much space between two people; and the box spring is comprised of two different mattresses – literally splitting a relationship or two people apart.

 3. Messy Bedrooms = Messy Relationships

Your relationships will mirror the state of your bedroom – is your bedroom cluttered, messy and chaotic? Then your relationship probably is too. Do you want a supportive, serene and peaceful relationship? Then make your bedroom feel the same.

Don’t forget: objects hold energy. Are you trying to attract new love, yet sleeping on you and your ex-boyfriends bed? Do you sleep in a room with heirloom furniture from relatives you never liked? When you have a bedroom filled of furniture and objects you love – you are setting yourself up for a life filled with love.

4. Have Identical Nightstands

Two encourage relationships of equality, both sides of the bed should be equal. Have a nightstand (ideally identical to one another) on each side of the bed with matching lamps (if possible). Also, make sure you both have easy access to your individual side of the bed.

5. Lighting is Critical

Light is critical in bedroom feng shui (and all feng shui). Choose window coverings that allow bright light to enter in the morning (a good serotonin boost) while also allowing the room to be dark, for good sleeping.. Lamps and light fixtures should provide both adequate and soft lighting. Overhead lights should have dimmers to adjust light to ideal brightness throughout the day.

6. Choose Furniture with Soft Edges over Right Angles

Right angles in feng shui are considered “poison arrows” which throw negative energy in your direction when sleeping and in your bedroom. Whenever possible, opt for furniture with rounded edges for the best possible bedroom feng shui.

7. If You Divorce or End a Relationship, Get New Bedroom Furniture

Objects, including furniture, hold energy (especially objects you sleep on for eight hours a night, in room where you are for more than a third of your life). If a relationship ends, you should don’t hold onto that old energy – or that old furniture. Start fresh with new furniture – or at least furniture that is new to you.

8. Reds & Pinks are Good but Use Them Sparingly

Pinks and reds can increase passion but use these colors as accents only – not as the main color – as they are too stimulating energetically (and not in a good way). Introducing reds, pinks and whites in the bedroom and in the Love and Marriage area of the house or a room (the farthest corner to the right in a house) are good for attracting and keeping love in your life. However, too much red or pink in your bedroom can create an environment difficult for peaceful and serene sleep.

9. Bed Position is Critical

The bedroom, the kitchen and the entrance are the most important elements of the house. Within the bedroom, the bed position is most critical. For optimal bedroom feng shui:

  • Make sure both people can clearly see the door while lying in bed. This is for optimal feelings of safety and protection.
  • Put the bed should be as far from the door as possible
  • Make the bed the focal point of the room
  • Make sure the bed is not oriented so your feet point out the door. In Chinese culture, feet pointing out the door is considered the death position. (When someone dies they are carried out of a room or house feet first.) If you can’t position your bed in this manner, use a foot board or place a chest, table or large piece of furniture at the end of the bed.

10. Do Not Have Your Bed Below or Against a Window

Sleeping under a window makes your energy get weaker over time (as you literally do not have anything behind you for support or protection eight hours a day.) If you can’t avoid putting your bed under a window, put heavy window coverings, shutters made of wood or place a strong headboard behind you to provided needed feelings of support and protection while you sleep.

11. Imagery or Photos Should be Serene

All objects, furniture, colors and symbols in your bedroom will either support you in a peaceful sleep and in a good relationship or detract from good sleep and your relationship. This holds true for the imagery you have in your room as well. Look around your bedroom. Are all of the photos, art and imagery of people and memories you love and cherish? Make sure all images are calming and happy; and they make you feel peaceful and loved. No raging rivers, exploding volcanoes, photos of protests or ex-boyfriends in the bedroom, please.

12. Have a Solid Headboard (without Bars)

In order for your body to do the regenerating and healing work it needs as you sleep, it needs to feel a strong sense of support. For this reason, it is best your bed has a solid headboard (symbolizing solidarity in relationships) and a wall behind you. Avoid headboards with bars as they symbolize being in a crib (childlike relationship) or a prison (a hellike relationship).

13. No Clutter in the Bedroom, Closet or Under the Bed

Unwanted, unneeded, unnecessary, unused and not liked things (aka clutter) can block the flow of energy (chi) anywhere in the house. (In other words, it is bad no matter where it is.) However, clutter in the bedroom, in the bedroom closet or under your bed can lead to stagnation and the inability to move forward in life, work and relationships. Clutter can also interrupt or disturb sleep – especially if under the bed – where you are symbolically sleeping on top of unsettled, constipated, old and likely, unwanted energy. Ick. Want someone to come help you declutter? I can help! Get in touch with me.

14. Only a Few Things on Your Night Stand

To encourage a good and rejuvenating sleep, nightstands, like the bedroom, should be clear of clutter and only have a few objects on them which feel peaceful and calming to you.

15. No, TVs, Desks, Computers or Exercise Equipment in the Bedroom

Televisions, computers, exercise equipment or a desk in your bedroom can interrupt sleep. If you must have them in your room, cover them before you go to sleep or keep them stored in a dresser or armoire. Waking up in the middle of the night thinking about work? Double check that your computer, work papers and files are not in your bedroom.

16. No Water or Images of Water

Water or images of water “douse” intimacy and passion in relationships. Water imagery can also create financial or relationship loss.

17. Close Closet and Bedroom Doors at Night

Open closet and bedroom doors are depleting to mind and body.

18. Be Very Careful with Mirrors

Mirrors bounce energy around a room and can magnify worries and as such, can impact your ability to sleep well. If you must have a mirror in your room, make sure you cannot see yourself in it while you are in bed. Also make sure it is not on the wall across from the bed. (In feng shui, a mirror directly across from a bed is thought to encourage bringing another unwanted person into the relationship and/or infidelity.) If you have mirrored closets or a mirror in the room you cannot remove, hang curtains in front of the closet doors or cover the mirror before going to sleep for the night.

19. Everything in the Bedroom Should be in Pairs

Single and looking to fall in love? In a relationship and want to stay that way? Make sure the objects in your room are reflective of “couple” energy – and have everything in two – two pillows, two night stands, two photos on each night stand, etc.

20. Open the Windows Often

Make sure your sleep and relationships always feel fresh, clean and new to you – open the windows often to circulate the air.

21. Get More Info, Get Inspired, Get Help

Get my go-to and absolute my most favorite feng shui book. (It is not only super easy to understand, it is also a fun read) or if you are looking for a feng shui consultant get in touch with me.

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