How I Feel Used

how i feel used Does feeling used have to feel like crap? I would argue, no. In fact, I would argue “used” can bring feelings of empowerment, connectedness and even downright euphoria. How? Because when I buy used belongings I understand, know and love all of this:

  • That I spent drastically less which means I can work less.
  • (And p.s. when in a relationship, and you spend drastically less – you fight drastically less.)
  • That I saved money for the fun stuff.
  • That I voted the best possible way – with my wallet.
  • That I contributed to a local business, entrepreneur or neighbor.
  • That I spent my money where it can makes the most possible difference – locally.
  • That I chose to make purchases consciously and thoughtfully.
  • That I made a buying decision which has the lowest possible cancer, health and quality of life risk to people who live near factories where goods are produced.
  • That I spent my money in a manner that required no additional child or sweat shop labor.
  • That I did not ask any person or any corner of earth to accept the inevitable toxicity created in the manufacturing, packaging, transportation and disposal of whatever it was I “needed”

And most of all…

That by getting I wasn’t taking, but instead – giving back.

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