Feng Shui Your Home for a Job You Love: 8 Steps

sea gull inn mendocino california The idea of aligning your house for optimal chi flow (aka Feng Shui) does, admittedly, sound like cosmic foo foo – but in the almost 8 years I have practiced it, I have seen it bring love into people’s lives, money into their lives and better careers – into lives. (One day years ago, I was bored at work, I Feng Shui’d my cube. After work I went out to dinner and ran into an old work colleague. A few months later I had a new job – complete with a 30% raise.)

Here’s the deal with Feng Shui – it is based on the idea that life has nine major components to it and every area of your home represents one of these components. These 9 areas are displayed in a Bagua Map (bah-gua). See below.

The idea is that if you can get the Chi in these areas of your home optimized – you will soon be welcoming all kinds of goodness in your life. These 9 areas are:

  • Wealth and Money
  • Reputation and Fame
  • Love and marriage
  • Family
  • Health
  • Children and Creativity
  • Skills and Knowledge
  • Career
  • Helpful People and Travel

How to align your chi for a better job or career? It is super easy. Here’s how.

1.     Go to the Entrance of Your House You Use Most Frequently

Congratulations! You have located the area focused around the Career in the practice of Feng Shui. See this is super easy, isn’t it? Now stand there and read on.


2.     Clear, Clean and De-Clutter that Area as If Your Livelihood Depends on It (Because it Does)

Nothing is worse for Chi flow (and your job) than to have your Career corner all mucked up with dirt, crappy shoes you never wear (or hate to wear), old mail that needs to be recycled, coats you won’t wear for the next eight months, piles of stuff you are too lazy to put away, overflowing coat racks and whatever else you have there. (Do I even want to know?)

Make this area suitable for both eating off the floor and a promising contender for the National Organizer Olympics – and you are 80% of the way to landing better job.

A few critical tidbits:

  • With all things related to Feng Shui you should have nothing in this area, or any area of your home, that does not represent something you love dearly or use yearly
  • Remember the Feng Shui Career area is also outside your front door. Clean, declutter and organize out there too! Make this area look welcoming – as you are well on your way to welcoming your new career! No dead plants outside. Dead Plants = Dead Career. Put those things in the compost pile and get some new ones. Get those three week old newspapers out of the bush, and it is April already, take down the damn Christmas lights.
  • If you have stuff crammed, stored and stuffed behind the door your Chi is getting all cramped at the entrance to your home and won’t flow right. Dead Chi = Dead End Job so nothing behind the door!

3. Add in the Feng Shui Elements

Good news! There are some things you can add to the Career area of your home to make your Chi happy. These things are:

  • Anything that is or symbolizes water. Examples could be a fountain, paintings, photos or art representing water or snow. Also, things that are related to water – a sailboat sculpture or shells you collected at the beach.
  • Anything black
  • Anything white
  • Anything metal
  • Anything round
  • Anything glass
  • Anything that is a free form shape. This area of your house represents the element of water. Water is a free form, undulating shape. Put things in this area that have this form.
  • A mirror. It is important to note that the mirror should not be pointing out the front door – this pushes the Chi out of the house. Have it face towards the inside of your home. It should also be positioned so you can see you head and shoulders in it and it can be any shape but square.
  • Things that symbolize the career you want. If you want to be a psychologist put some of your favorite psychology books there. If you want to be a musician put pictures of artists you admire. If you don’t know what you want to be – put symbols of and objects related to things you love and enjoy here.

4.     Make Sure None of the Chi Killers Are in this Area

Ok, there are a few things that no matter how much you may love, don’t belong in this area. These things are:

  • Anything square
  • Anything yellow
  • Anything orange
  • Anything brown
  • Pictures, symbols or objects of things you don’t want in your life. If you want a new job so you can have nicer things – get rid of the crappy things in this corner. If you want a job that doesn’t require you to stare at your computer all day – don’t store your laptop here.
  • Don’t use your homes true front door very frequently? Make sure you at least open it on a regular basis to get that Chi flowing well.

5. Get Feng Shui Extra Credit

If you are trying to improve your career or job, well then it is best to give some Feng Shui love to your office or cubicle. Apply these exact same principles to the entrance to your cube or office!

6. Keep the Career Corner Cleaned

Feng Shui works but it doesn’t always work overnight miracles. Keep your career area, clean and clutter free at all times!

7. Learn more

I have taken classes and read loads of books but by far my favorite is Karen Rauch Carter’s, Move Your Stuff Change Your Life. She explains Feng Shui in totally understandable human (and humorous terms). Caution: After reading this your life is about to get a whole lot better – forever.

8. Get a Feng Shui Consultant to Help You

Live in Colorado and looking for a Denver Feng Shui consultant? I can help you declutter and/or Feng Shui your home or office for your dream job, more wealth, true love, great health, children, family, creativity and more. Contact me.


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