2012’s Top 10 Quotes

top-10-quotes-2012 2012’s best quotes from The Delicious Day’s Most Popular Posts

10. “With gay families we want our families so bad we need to go out there and create them. There are no accidents and I think that is a very profound point…It took an incredible amount of love and resources to get our child here. Our entire world revolves around making her world as perfect as it can be.”
Lane, A Gay Woman on Giving Birth to Her Daughter, Her Parents Voting Against Her & ‘Staggering’ Discrimination

9. “The constitution of Rwanda states that every citizen has the right to a clean and healthy environment.”
Dr. Rose Mukankomeje, Director General of the Rwanda Environment Management Authority, Rwanda First Country in the World to Ban the Plastic Bag

8. “My friends who knew me before would always say if someone was going to die before they were 30 it would be me from having a heart attack from everything I was doing. Now I am completely laid back. I am always laughing. I was very serious before. I really see this as a gift.”
Paula, The Woman Who Cured Lupus (without Chemotherapy or Surgery)

7. “For so long I was able to tell myself, ‘Oh, they will understand. I am really busy. I am making a lot of money. I am in school. I am working 50 – 60 hours a week. They will understand….They didn’t understand.’”
Ryan Nicodemus, Empty Closets, Full Lives: Two Guys Re-Creating the American Dream

6. “I say to people all the time and they look at me like I have three heads, ‘Our bodies are not counting calories. They are counting nutrition.’”
Joy Hawk, The Woman Whose Diet Cured Her Infertility

5. “The best piece of advice I can give is what I learned from an ESPN Conference on women and that is — to be yourself.”
Isaac Hinds, The Man Who Got 28,000 Facebook Followers (in 18 Months)

4. “I walked into the interview and saw a room of cubes and thought, ‘This is a prison.’ I was still in touch with people I met in Cambodia. I thought, ‘They are doing it. They found jobs. I can too.’”
Craig, The Man Who Decided to Move to Cambodia (and 2.5 Weeks Later Lived There)

3. “The media created this Texas sized garbage patch. This story is not coming from scientists. There is not one patch of garbage. There are 7 of them.”
Dr. Marcus Eriksen, The Really Big, Really Small Plastic Problem Crushing Our Oceans

2. “I don’t know if I thought I could cure it. I thought, ‘This is a big intrusion on my life and I am not willing to have it.’”
Kristen, The Woman Who Cured Multiple Sclerosis

1. “You are never going to succeed if you are not willing to make a fool of yourself and making a fool of yourself is just really not that tragic.”
Kristen Bangs, The Woman Who Made $10,000 on Etsy (in 2 Months)


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