13 Dating Douche Bags Truths


If you are debating whether or not to date (or keep dating) some with a little or a lot of douche-iness, here are 13 unequivocable truths on the douchebaggery dating experience:

1. He who lies to others, lies to you. She who tells herself otherwise is lying to herself.

2. He who does not have long-term friendships does not have the ability to have a long-term relationship.

3. He who is an ass to the waiter is an ass.

4. He who blames his ex for everything will never take responsibility for anything.

5. He who had a mother who didn’t teach him to treat women well, will never treat you well.

6. He who has shit bag friends is a shit bag.

7. He who is still in regular contact with his ex-girlfriends does not know how to be in – or
out – of a relationship.

8. He who does not work on a daily basis to give you the best, is not the best.

9. He who yells at you has no interest in hearing you.

10. He who is hiding you from his place, his family and/or his friends is hiding something.

11. He who tells you what to do does not care what you want to do.

12. He who does not pay his share will never do his share.

13. She who settles for douchebaggery gets what she deserves.

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