Feng Shui Your Home for Wealth: 6 Steps

Two years ago, I lost my job.

I have yet to find another one, at least in the traditional way, since.

Additionally, there has never been a time where both my husband and I have had consistent income and we live in Spain, a country that comes with first world prices, second world salaries and third world unemployment rates (up to 60 percent for young people).

With all of this, it might surprise you to know — I have not had any money or financial problems.

I pay my bills via selling books, advertising on The Delicious Day and doing freelance SEO and copywriting work for companies all over the world. BUT, what I believe  has *really*  made it all happen for me is what the masters of Feng Shui taught me to do with a small corner in our bedroom.

(I realize this sounds like completely absurd, cosmic foo-foo and likely worse, but all I can tell you is, it works — for me and everyone I have convinced to do it.)

See, Feng Shui is based on the premise of everyone’s life has nine major components to it:

And further, every area of your home represents one of these nine life areas. When, as the Chinese Feng Shui masters will teach you, your home is arranged to support these nine areas the arrangement can be quite beneficial to you.

Of course all my friends and family and perhaps you kind of laugh and roll their eyes when I mention this.

Then, I help them arrange their properly homes and shortly thereafter they stop laughing.

An entrepreneurial friend of mine laughed, then I Feng Shui’d (I am making up words) her house. The next weekend she made more money in one weekend – than she ever had in any weekend prior. I Feng Shui’d my desk during a slow day at the office, went out to dinner that night and ran into my old boss. A few months later he hired me for a new position — which came accompanies with a nice $20,000 raise.

Doing Feng Shui for wealth is free, will likely take less than an hour of your time (and perhaps only a few minutes) and I have never seen it not work. Never.

How to do it? Six super easy steps:

1.      Find your money corner

The Chinese have these nine life situations carefully laid out in what they call a Bagua Map (see below). The idea is that you are supposed to lay this map over a blueprint or sketch of your home to locate the exact areas but the beginner’s way to find the money area of your home is to:

a)      Go stand at the front door of your home and face the inside of your house
b)      Point your hand to the far, far left corner of the inside of your home
c)      Voila! That area, albeit a the kitchen, a closet or any other room is the money area / corner of your home AND the one we are going to focus on.

For me the farthest more left corner of our house is in our bedroom.


2.      Clear (and clean) out your money corner

Now that you have located your money corner let’s get it working for you. Here is what you need to do:

a)      Remove all of the following from this area:

  • Anything you do not use regularly, do not like or is consider unnecessary or clutter
  • Dead plants
  • Dirt and dust (make this area sparkle!)
  • Anything that reminds you of people, places, events or times you would prefer not to think about or remember
  • Garbage cans or bags
  • Anything broken or needing repair
  • Anything that has a negative connotation to money such as unpaid bills, mortgage payment reminders, receipts for things you wish you would not have purchased, thing you wish you would not have purchased, etc.

b)      Once everything is removed from the area give it a very good cleaning – sweep, mop, get mystery splatter off the walls, etc.

3.      Now spruce up your corner with the Feng Shui symbols and colors of money

With the Feng Shui no-no’s taken care of, now it is time to put the prosperity and wealth symbols in your corner. To do so add any of the following:

  • Anything purple, red, gold or green (assuming it does not also fall in the category of what was listed above to remove i.e. do not put a purple garbage can or a red broken lamp in this area).
  • Symbols of money such as Monopoly or any board game money, piggy banks, photos of your dream house, car or vacation, costume jewelry or your jewelry box, savings account statements, etc.
  • Things that represent (or are) moving water such as a photo of a geyser or a fast moving river. If you have an indoor fountain this area of the home would be a great place to put it
  • Round-leafy, healthy plants
  • Your change jar
  • Foreign currency – have left over coins or bills from a trip you took and don’t know what to do with them? Put them in your money corner. Put them in a green, purple, gold or red bowl for extra credit!

It is important to note that these things do not actually need to be seen. For example, if you had red, purple, green or gold paper you could put this behind or under a table or shelf in this area.

4.      Make sure your are getting all the money goodness you can

Want to make sure you have given your house all the good money energy it can manage? Do the same thing for every room in your house, your office or cube at work, your garage and even your car. Just go to the main entrance of the room point your arm to the far left corner of it and get to work!

5.      Money corner maintenance (super critical)

Now that your Feng Shui is in alignment it is critical that this area is kept very clean, free of dust, dirt or mess and of course, free of clutter. Consider it the shrine of your finances – because it is. Also, keeping adding money to that change jar and try not to borrow from it. Let is symbolize what you want your money to do – stay with you and keep growing!

Want more? Get my favorite Feng Shui book ever Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Karen Carter-Rauch. She explains Feng Shui and how to use it in all areas in your home in ridiculously simple and fun ways.

6. Get a Feng Shui Consultant’s Help

Live in Colorado and looking for a Denver Feng Shui consultant? I can help you declutter and/or Feng Shui your home or office for your dream job, more wealth, true love, great health, children, family, creativity and more. Contact me.


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  1. Historically, feng shui was widely used to orient buildings—often spiritually significant structures such as tombs, but also dwellings and other structures—in an auspicious manner. Depending on the particular style of feng shui being used, an auspicious site could be determined by reference to local features such as bodies of water, stars, or a compass. Feng shui was suppressed in China during the cultural revolution in the 1960s, but since then has increased in popularity.’..

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  2. I get confused, some books say wealth is in southeast,others book say northeast.
    My entrance faces west, back door east. Where is my wealth corner? And is west my career or creativity area.
    Thank u .

  3. Hello Beth,
    My dining room is my wealth area, do I put everything in the farthest corner of the room or just in the room somewhere?

  4. Very nice article. I am looking to attract money into my life.
    My money corner is in my living room where I have a small wall hanging bookcase. I have books a photo of a departed friend and wooden elephants. Do I need to remove all the books, most of them are about spiritual/law of attraction/ self development etc…
    I would appreciate your answer on this
    Kind regards

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