The Woman Who Found a Natural Cure for Her Heart Condition

Melanie Angelis, Founder of The Grecian Garden, Writer and Healer

Melanie Angelis, Founder of The Grecian Garden, Writer and Healer

In 2006 Melanie Angelis was about to graduate from college when severe chest pains landed her in the emergency room. After a series of tests doctors diagnosed her with ‘a heart condition’ and prescribed pain medicine to deal with it in its most difficult times.  Melanie unwilling to accept the diagnosis and the prescribed treatment plan went on her own journey with alternative medicine to find a way to heal. What she discovered was unbeknownst to her a parasite she contracted years prior was causing her heart condition, and a series of various alternative treatments would do what doctors said was not possible – completely cure her.

Here is a bit of her story

How was the parasite discovered?

A cardiologist told me I had a heart condition and they did not really offer any solutions except to prescribe pain medicine for the flare ups. This is why I turned to alternative medicine and a holistic approach. Through a blood test I received from a natural doctor it was discovered that I had this parasite. Then I had to do a stool test to see what kind of parasite it was and it was one of the worst. No one would ever want it. It is really, really difficult to get rid of.

How did you feel when you discovered your heart condition was caused by a parasite?

I was upset because I was like, ‘You mean to tell me this is all because of a parasite?!’ I went on a mission’s trip in 2002 where they think I got it. I had the parasite for four years before I even knew it. I am so thankful my natural doctor had the homeopathic knowledge to help me get rid of it because there was not any supplement or anything else I could take that would get rid of this parasite.

How does a parasite cause a heart condition?

My natural doctor said the parasite had really messed up the lining of my small intestine and my heart was not able to get the nutrients it needed. The parasite triggered food allergies as well. My whole body was suffering, but my heart was the first to cry out and say something was not right.

How did you get rid of the parasite?

I followed an anti-Candida diet. I ate vegetables and protein but no fruit, no sugar, no starches. I did eat nuts. I did this for one year. I also took homeopathies for killing the parasite. I took a lot of probiotics so my body could rebuild its gut flora to help rebuild the gut lining. I had been on years of antibiotics so the parasite did not have anything to fight it. I started eating a lot of fermented vegetables as these are natural sources of probiotics. I completely switched from processed foods to whole foods. I took gluten, white sugar, soy, dairy and things like that out of my diet. I did a lot of juicing. I did several juice cleanses and a water fast. I ate a lot of vegetables and nuts and seeds. The only sweetener I used was honey. I got my body to a point where I felt it was ready to rebuild.

When you say you got your body ready to rebuild does this mean you stuck to this diet until the parasite was gone?

Well, the diet I embarked on was very detoxing and cleansing.  I had to get all the junk out before my body would actually be repairing any of the damage done by the parasite and food allergies.  While I was detoxing I felt incredible, because I was eating such high quality cleansing foods, but then there was a change in my body and I was no longer feeling satisfied.  I remembered Dr. Weston A Price’s book which I had read several years prior to starting the anti-candida diet.  I knew I needed to incorporate his dietary principles as my body was done detoxing now I needed to nourish my cells since I got all the junk out.

How long did it take to get rid of the parasite?

It took 9-12 months to get fully rid of the parasite.

Tell me more about the Weston A. Price diet.

Once I got my body ready to rebuild I remembered Dr. Weston A. Price’s research which I had read a few years prior to my diagnosis. His research is about eating the foods that traditional cultures ate. It is more about high quality proteins such as grass fed beef, pasture fed chicken, eggs and fish oils. I did a lot of bone broths. I made soup every week.

I basically healed all of the inflammation to the point where I did not have any food allergies anymore. In 2008 I went to get my heart checked and they told me I did not have to come back as my heart was completely fine. It is a testament to getting back to real food. When I ate the way I was supposed my body was able to heal itself.

Is nutrition and diet something you had a background in prior to being diagnosed with this heart condition?

I was always interested in nutrition. I went to college to be a teacher, but once I got on the path to wanting to turn my health around I began studying and researching natural medicine, traditional medicine and traditional diet from cultures of the past. I studied so much that I did not have answers just for me, but for people around me with questions about their health. People would ask me questions and I would have the answer or an alternative medicine technique that would help so my husband said to me, ‘Instead of getting your Masters in Reading to continue with teaching, why don’t you get a Master’s in Alternative Medicine?’ So I did.

Since then I have been doing nutritional counseling at a local chiropractor’s office. With my client’s I use a series of muscle tests which allow me to see if there is stress on any of the organs or whether they need a specific supplement to help the stress on a particular organ. It is a very comprehensive test. It is a way of accelerating a person’s health no matter what stage they are at.

How much does something like that cost?                            

Melanie Angelis

Melanie Angelis

If you are an existing patient at our office the initial consult is $60 and after that it is $30 a visit. If you are not a patient at the office the initial visit is $100 and then every visit after is $40.  I also do nutrition consults through the phone or internet.

How would someone find a practitioner that does muscle testing in their area?

One way is to find a practitioner in your area is at Doing muscle testing is the only way I know of to determine which organs are weak. There is not any lab work involved in muscle testing. With muscle testing, I can tell instantly whether there is stress on an organ and what you can use to fix it by testing several different supplements on a person’s actual body to see what is really going to work because what works for one person’s body may not work for another’s. I know sometimes people look at alternative medicine as being in the clouds, but this brings it down to earth and makes it very reasonable.

When you are talking about the supplement you are prescribing them are these in the format of a pill? You are not actually prescribing them dietary changes?

I do like to use food always for healing, but not everyone is willing to change their diet as rapidly as needed for healing. If I were to tell someone that they needed to eat a cup of beets at every meal it would probably not happen with some people. If I told someone to drink raw beet juice with carrots they would probably not do it. But, if I told them to take 5 whole food supplements per day they would instantly be ok with that. My goal is to get people healthier. I want to start with each person no matter where they are to improve their health. For people who are not willing or able to change their diets I like to use supplements. I like to use Standard Process supplements as they are a physician grade supplement and they have things in them that are not in our diets any longer.

Melanie's book, The Grecian Garden, coming out by the end of 2012

Melanie’s book, The Grecian Garden, coming out by the end of 2012

You indicated to me in the email you sent that you spent $4000 on supplements in the process of curing your heart condition and you thought that was not a good use of your money. Why is that?

My first natural doctor was on the right track with discovering the parasite and the effects it was having on my body, but I don’t believe in throwing supplements at a problem unless you are muscle tested and you know that supplement is going to help the problem. I was on way too many things for my body to try to digest given the weakness of my digestive track from the parasite. This would have been discovered had she done muscle testing. I don’t know what I was getting out of taking all of those supplements, but I listened to her for awhile. I think I got off to a slow start because instead of changing my diet I was popping all of these supplements throughout the day that were not helping me.

One of the things I get really confused about is, for example, my husband has asthma and he started going to a homeopath. In addition to this people say, ‘You should go to acupuncture. You should get massages. You should go to a naturopath.’ It is a little overwhelming to know what you should do, when you should do it and what is important. Do you have any thoughts on that? Do you do all of it? Some of it? None of it?

I think all of the alternative medicine techniques you mentioned are crucial to a preventative and healthy lifestyle. When I was sick I wanted to attack every area that I could in order to help my body get better. I did go see a natural doctor. I did eventually get muscle tested. I did go see a massage therapist and a chiropractor and an acupuncturist. But the first thing you need to work on is your diet. A person should meet with a holistic nutritionist to figure out what dietary changes to make. Then once they get their diet is in check then they should try to get muscle tested to see what specifically is causing the problem. Anything you do after that is a bonus, but first things first – the food has to be in order.


Learn more about Melanie and her business, The Grecian Garden or follow Melanie on Facebook. Melanie is also writing a book, The Grecian Garden: Where Diets, Calories, and Food Allergies Don’t Exist.  It will be coming out by the end of this year.  You can find more about her book at:


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  1. Thank you Melanie! You are such an inspiration! Cheers, Linda

  2. Thanks for this article.
    I’ve read that HR Clark believe parasites to be at the root of all disease. I’m dealing with some of this now. I’m having a hard time finding a practitioner that knows how to help me. I think I have some type of parasite that is causing pain in my upper mid abdomen.

    When I’ve had my son muscle-tested, it was way off. I think the naturopath who did it had some bias. My son had been increasingly tired and lacking appetite and constipated. And she said all he needed was to eat more protein.
    However, we had QXCI scans (energetic medicine) done for all of us, and it lined up with our symptoms. I took my oldest son to a holistic DAN practitioner, and the results of the urine, stool, and bloodwork lined up with the QXCI scan too (although the QXCI works differently and doesn’t give the same type of results). He had major toxicity, lots of strep overgrowth, lots of heavy metals (elevated on every one tested). He’s seeing some good results so far (high dose probiotics, temporary antibiotics, several others etc.)

  3. Thanks for your post Grace. There are so many different solutions out there it is sometimes hard to know which to turn to but the more we know about the better we all are. Thanks for sharing your story! Health and wellness to you and your family.

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