Natural Cures for Anxiety

Natural cures for anxiety, a conversation with Trudy Scott

Natural cures for anxiety, a conversation with Trudy Scott

In Trudy Scott’s late 30s she started to feel in a way she describes as, “not the person she used to be.” She also started experiencing intense anxiety and even panic attacks. She went to the doctor and told him she thought there was something wrong with her brain. When a brain scan did not reveal anything his only suggestion for her was Prozac.

But, Trudy was not depressed.

Trudy then decided she would begin her own journey in finding a natural cure for her anxiety and for the sensation of no longer being the person she once was, and with time, Trudy succeeded. As part of The Delicious Day’s ongoing series about people who have cured themselves of illness and conditions outside of Western medicine’s beliefs and systems I wanted to hear more of Trudy’s story.

Here at the top seven things she attributes to curing her anxiety and panic attacks:

1.       Read, Read, Read

Trudy believes that all people who are beginning on the journey to find a natural cure for anxiety should begin it by, “reading as much as you can. Reading makes you understand yourself and what you are going through better. It also gives you comfort and ideas for how to approach your journey by hearing the case studies of people with the same experiences. I encourage people to read and become informed and then make some choices as to how they should proceed in treating their anxiety.”

Because it took Trudy many years to find all the answers Trudy wrote her own book on anxiety, The Antianxiety Food Solution. It covers much of her experience of curing her anxiety naturally and the tools she uses in her nutrition consulting business with her anxious clients. Trudy also suggests, The Mood Cure or Depression Free Naturally for people looking for natural cures for anxiety.

2.       Balance the Western and non-Western medical world

 Although Trudy certainly did not agree with her Western medical doctor’s approach to solving her problems via Prozac, she does believe that, “there is a place for medicine. Some people are in such a bad place they need to start with medicine so they can take the time to find a more natural route.” For Trudy however she believes much of her healing occurred due to her working with, “a nurse practitioner and naturopath who helped me to understand the connection between food and mood.”

 3.       Vitamin deficiencies can impact mood

 Trudy attributes much of her healing to getting the right balance of supplements for her unique needs. Through blood work and questionnaires like the Pyroluria questionnaire Trudy learned that she was deficient in Zinc and B vitamins. She also found that GABA helped her immensely in stabilizing her anxiety while she was looking for some of the many causes. She used GABA-Calm by Source Naturals a few times a day.

4.       Soy and Gluten could play a critical role in exacerbating anxiety

Any food intolerance can cause any symptom including anxiety and panic attacks and both gluten and soy were problems for Trudy. As Trudy said, “There is a big connection between gluten and mood. There is also a relationship between gluten and social anxiety.” For Trudy’s clients she recommends, “a gluten free trial for two weeks and after the two weeks I tell them to add gluten back to their diet to see if they get aches, pains, mood or digestion issues again.”

Soy can also play a role in exacerbating anxiety and emotional issues but as Trudy says, “The symptoms of soy intolerance are less obvious. Soy often affects the digestive system causing potential stomach pains, diarrhea or constipation.” If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or want to explore your food sensitivities Trudy suggests that it, “it is quite worthwhile to go to a nutritionist.”

5.       Patience (bummer, I know)

As everyone’s symptoms of anxiety and the respective natural cures for that anxiety will be unique, the journey to healing is not always linear or without needing to take a few steps backwards. Trudy’s journey to healing herself changed her entire life not to mention it leading her to changing her career from IT to nutrition. But she says it was a, “long journey and everyone should have patience in finding what works for them.”

6.       Keep a food mood diary

Although not discussed frequently in Western medicine, food and mood are very closely connected. To help you discover what foods are impacting your moods, Trudy suggests keeping a diary of all the food you eat and how you feel after you have eaten it.

7.       The Most Important Thing

 Trudy would have never found a natural cure for her anxiety had she not done her research and worked with holistic medical practitioners to learn how to change her diet and take the right supplements to put her body in balance according to her own unique needs. As such, Trudy suggests if you are looking for your own natural cure for anxiety you should do your own research and work with a naturopath, nutritionist and/or a holistic nurse practitioner to determine your ideal dietary and supplement needs.

Trudy does one-on-one consulting and works with people all over the world by phone and in person at her office in northern California. The process starts with an initial 15 minute complimentary consult. Learn more about Trudy on: or


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