Cured Lupus Without Chemotherapy or Surgery

Karen* was diagnosed with lupus in 2006. During subsequent blood work, a nurse mistakenly ordered her blood to be tested for heavy metals. The results showed she had excessively high levels of mercury and lead in her blood. Karen refused surgery and chemotherapy and spent a year looking for a doctor who would address her metal poisoning. She found one and today she is 100% cured of lupus, taking life more easily and enjoying life one bite at a time.

Here is a bit of her story.

What was your reaction when you were diagnosed with lupus?

This all started in 2003 and no one could figure out what was wrong with me. I was terrified when I was diagnosed, but at the same time I was relieved. It sounds absurd to even say that, but at least it gave me something to hold onto after so many years of not knowing what was going on.

How did a nurse mistakenly requested your blood to be tested for heavy metals?

The nurse who was preparing additional blood tests to explore the lupus issue accidentally put an X in front of the box to test for heavy metals when preparing the paperwork for my blood tests. When the results came back the metal levels in my blood were appalling. They assumed it was a mistake. They did it again and they got the same results.

What was the treatment recommended based on your diagnosis of lupus?

They recommended surgery and then possibly chemotherapy. I was completely against that. I kept on asking why this happened in the first place. Lupus was not in my family. I had never been sick before. I wanted to know what caused this disease in my body. All the doctors said this just appears, they are just there and I needed to kill it, but this mistake had been made and I had these tests showing I had excessive levels of heavy metal poisoning. I went on this journey knowing there must be some sort of correlation between the metals and the lupus. I was not going to do anything until I figured out the relationship between them. After a year of looking, I found a doctor that believed there is a link between toxicity in the body and lupus.

No one knew around me that I had lupus. I told very few people. Some of my closest friends did not know. My parents did not know. I did not want to give it any energy. I just wanted to focus on what brought my body to this state.

An entire year went by and you did not do anything to treat your lupus?

Exactly. During that time I was seeing a traditional medical doctor who had later specialized in Naturopathy and I was having natural plant based infusions to keep my body stable, but they were not doing anything to deal with the lupus per se. During this time I was experiencing weakness and my immune system was really compromised. I was having a great deal of physical pain.

What was the motivation not to give up and get the surgery and chemotherapy?

I knew there was a reason behind why I was experiencing what I was experiencing. I was convinced maybe even obsessive about the fact that if I could figure out what was behind this heavy metal story I could deal with the lupus.

What was the lupus treatment you went under with the doctor you found?

He did a process called Chelation. He told me that Chelation was not as weakening as chemotherapy, but it would take a toll on my body. I also did Plasmapheresis and Ozone Therapy which cleans the blood. We did this over a course of a year and a couple of months and the lupus disappeared.

Now you are 100% cured of lupus?

It is completely gone. The lupus left after about 3 months after starting the Chelation treatment. At that point I still had heavy metals in my body, but not at the massive levels I had initially. People thought it was insane. It proved my theory that there was a direct link between the metals in my blood and the lupus.

How frequently were you doing the Chelation and Plasmapheresis treatments?

Once a week, but this included the infusions as well.

Were they painful?

Not at all. I couldn’t even feel it, except for the actual needle going into the skin.

Are there side effects?

With Chelation what it does is it is a chemical substance that enters into the body and it takes out heavy metals from the blood, but it also takes out the good stuff that the body needs as well. There is a plant based Chelation, but the doctor said my metal levels were too high to use it. I did feel increasingly weak after every Chelation process. The good things that were taken out had to be replaced by infusions. I always felt awful for the first few days afterwards.

When you started doing this was there a known timeframe for a cure for your lupus?

No one knew. The doctors were very careful in not giving me a timeline. They had never dealt with anyone that had such high levels of mercury and every body reacts differently.

Do you have any idea how you ended up with these levels of mercury and lead in your body?

I have gone through every medical record I have and I have spoken to doctors I visited as child. There was a time in the 1980s when immunizations had mercury in them, which was used to preserve the actual substance within the vaccine. I believe this stopped in the mid-80s, but it could not explain the amount of mercury in my body. I used to eat a lot of sushi and I had mercury fillings in my teeth, but again that could not explain the extremely high levels of mercury I had in my body. The theory is that it was an accumulation over an extensive period of time.

Last year I visited an Ayurvedic doctor in Bali and he told me about a case where an individual was suffering from schizophrenia and she also had cancer. She went through chemotherapy, but it did not work. Her parents out of desperation sent her to an Ayurvedic clinic and within 6 weeks the cancer and schizophrenia disappeared. The doctor said that in Ayurvedic medicine they looked at the causes of things. They realized that days would go by and she would not use the bathroom at all. What she was doing was holding in all of the toxins that we all breathe in and eat everyday and they were not being released from her system.

When he told me this it clicked with me that all of my life I have had problems with digestion. I would go sometimes days and sometimes up to two weeks without using the bathroom. This is not at all a medical theory, but I thought that might have contributed to the levels of toxicity in my body. I lead a very busy, ambitious life and I never had time to listen to my body’s natural functions and I strongly believe lupus may be an outcome of this.

For two weeks you would not go to the bathroom at all?

Yes, that would happen frequently in my life. No doctors ever looked at that as a serious problem.

What about other things you were doing in conjunction with the Chelation and the Plasmapheresis?

I was doing colon cleanses almost every week. I changed to a vegan diet and after awhile I went to a raw diet in the summer. The diet changes were to help relieve the stress in my digestive system. I also realized my brain was way too active and I had to learn to relax. That was one of the huge challenges I went through during this time. I did meditation and deep breathing with the clinic and a bit of yoga.

Is there anything you have to do now to maintain this treatment?

Yes. Literally as we speak I am at a transition point. Up until a month ago I was still going for infusions. I was still having a bit of pain and anytime I had moments of stress the pain would flare up again. Feeling this pain was my indication that I needed to look at my mental state and how I see the world. This is when I got deeper into meditation, yoga and writing.

What do you attribute this pain to?

I cannot say for certain. My body has been through a lot, and while there is no sign no disease within the body, it still slightly weakened. I think that this is part of the process.

How often do you meditate and do yoga?

I am not terribly disciplined. I meditate daily. Sometimes it is for five minutes and sometimes it is for 20 minutes. I do it in the morning and I do it at night. I also learned that meditation does not always have to be sitting down with my legs crossed; I have learned to integrate meditation into my daily life such as when I am cooking or baking.

How do you incorporate meditation into cooking and baking?

For me meditation means being aware and being present in the moment. It is not thinking about the past and not thinking about the future. It is literally bringing your whole level of consciousness to the present. When I am in the kitchen I can really focus on what I am doing and I can put myself into a meditative state. That same level of awareness and calmness I get when I sit down at night and cross my feet and meditate is the exact same feeling I get when I am integrating meditation into cooking or baking.

Would you recommend others that were diagnosed with lupus have their blood tested for metals?

I think heavy metal testing should be a part of any blood test. I do think it should be a part of testing for anyone with cancer or autoimmune diseases.

You were in Germany for this in entire treatment?


Does the German healthcare system pay for this?

I had to pay for this on my own. They would have paid for the chemotherapy and the cortisone, but this I had to pay for on my own.

What advice do you have for others that were diagnosed with lupus?

If they are in a place where they can get heavy metal testing I would tell them to do that before anything. I would also say they should look at what they eat. The level of toxins we take in on a daily basis is deplorable.

A family member was recently diagnosed with cancer. The first thing I was thinking for him was him doing visualizations and deep breathing and drinking coconut water and drinking lots of water, but he would say, ‘No, no this is just fine. I am going to do the chemotherapy and I don’t need to do all these things. The doctors are great.’

The treatment I did is something that not a lot of people want to consider. With others I know they feel secure in the chemotherapy because that is what people do when diagnosed and chemotherapy have done for a long time, so I have to be careful with the advice I give people.

I think sometimes the most important thing with a treatment is that you believe it in it.

Yes, you have to believe in it.

What were the levels of metals in your blood?

The acceptable levels should be less than 5 μg. One of the first tests indicated a level as high as 2712 μg.

How are you different now that you have been through all of this?

I am happy. I am content. I have never felt this level of contentment in my life. I have learned it is just not worth it to run and run after a future I would never obtain. I was always trying to prove myself and I learned that it is just not worth it.

I had to finish high school when I was 15 or 16. I had to have a PhD by whatever age and if I didn’t I would see myself as a failure. Now that is completely gone. I live day by day now. It is empowering. I feel free. I can see my life in so much more of a peaceful manner than I ever could before. I am very relaxed. My friends who knew me before would always say if someone was going to die before they were 30 it would be me from having a heart attack from everything I was doing. Now I am completely laid back. I am always laughing. I was very serious before. I really see this as a gift.

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*She asked that she not be identified by her real name.

49 thoughts on “Cured Lupus Without Chemotherapy or Surgery

  1. Wow This is truly amazing saying that you have inspired me to achieve my goals in life too , I think your a very brave person and I’m happy for you knowing that you are fully cured by your own will in how you wanted to do it . ( I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma had chemotherapy nw I’m fully cured ) its not a easy path but you had the will power and made it through I look up to people like yourself Thank you for sharing your story .

  2. i want to know if you cured lupus or not. i dont get it , if you did why nobody talks about it why its not on tv and news. People have to know this! if not and if this is a big lie you should be in jail lady . its not nice to play with people like this when a lot of us is going to die of lupus.

    • Hi Cole,
      It is a true story. I am not sure why these stories are not being published but I think it has a lot to do with how much money the medical industry makes off of keeping people sick. Good luck in your journey. There are numerous stories on this site of people curing themselves of diseases Western Medicine claims are not curable. I wish you the best.

    • I have lupus and have researched extensively on the subject matter. A lot of details don’t add up in this article. Anyone who has lupus and know about the disease can actually spot the false statements in this article. This is not helpful at all to people searching for facts about the disease. Cruel for those who think that there is a cure for the disease. Millions of dollars in research have been poured and yet, as of today (June 7, 2017) there isn’t any medical cure. Why does she have to get surgery for lupus? I just hope that people don’t believe in everything they read.

  3. Hi,

    Your story is amazing,ım so shocked you cured lupus,
    A really important person in my life has lupus, i will be so so happy if you can contact with me, and tell us what to do,and if you can help us to cure it,you can be the best thing comes into her life ever,please write to me

    Thank youu

    • Hi Blake,
      Thank you for your comments. I am not a medical professional but I have writted quite a bit about people who have cured themselves of diseases Western medicine claims is uncurable. From all I have learned, I would recommend seeing a naturopath and/or an experienced eastern medical doctor. You could of course, always have blood work tested to test for metals as she did as well. Good luck on your journey.

    • Did the person with Lupus go to Chelation Therapy and do what Karen did?

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