4 Ways to Use Feng Shui for Fertility

feng shui for fertility According to the Chinese, you have two choices:

  1. Arrange your environment so the world naturally and easily helps you get what you want and need and hope for
  2. Leave your environment as is and work much harder than necessary for what you want and need and hope for and perhaps yield less impressive results in the process

The Chinese believe if you set up your house (and/or your car, cube, garage or office) in accordance with proper energy (chi) flow then you can better your life. The practice of doing this is called Feng Shui. More specifically with a thoughtfully designed home you can better your finances, reputation, family and children, creativity, knowledge, health, career, travel and love – lives. And the bettering very frequently is at zero cost to you. True story.

If you are interested in having a baby or more babies, here are four tips on how to use Feng Shui to help give your fertility a boost.

1. Make Sure the Health Area of Your Home is Healthy

The front door of your home is where all Feng Shui starts. It is considered the mouth of the chi and all the different areas (or guas) are identified based on the location of your front door. There are 9 total guas (Skills & Knowledge, Career, Helpful People & Travel, Family, Money, Reputation, Love & Marriage and lastly, Health). The nine guas are identified on what is referred to in Feng Shui as a bagua map.

To locate your Health gua go stand in your front door and face the interior of your house. Your health corner is where, when using your front door as a reference point, would be the area dead center of your home from that space.

Bagua Map

Bagua Map

The first step in getting of the health area of your house helping you have a kiddo or two is to make sure it is clean enough to actually give birth in it and free of all clutter and crap. It is also important this area only has objects, symbols, art and photography which are healthy. In other words, get rid of dead plants and the picture of you with the broken leg you got on the ski trip. Also get rid of what Karen Rauch Carter refers to in my favorite Feng Shui book as  “Feng Shui Health Hazards” i.e. objects that prevent optimal energy flow to harmful to the different guas of the home. Each gua has unique items which can have a negative impact on Feng Shui – for the health gua it is – anything wood, green, columnar or rectangle.

Once you have cleaned and decluttered, then place objects which the Chinese believe promote good Feng Shui in the Health gua such as a healthy plant, a bowl of fruit, objects that make you laugh (laughter is the best medicine after all), yellow, gold or red objects , square items, pictures of nature, rocks or crystals, candles, triangle or pyramid shaped objects. Remember, all of these objects should be items which make you feel good – don’t go putting the nature photo your ex-boyfriend who broke your heart gave you in that corner. Also, it is not important all of the objects are seen so go ahead and stash a piece of red fabric behind a table in this area if you want to include red but it doesn’t quite go in the space.

2. There is actually an area of your home for children – find it and fix it

The “Children and Creativity” gua is one people who struggle with fertility want to pay extra special attention to. . Like all of the nine guas in throughout your house – this area (the area to middle right most area of your home when you stand at your front door) must be clean, without clutter, dust or any objects or symbols of negative energy or memories. You then need to load this area up with what Karen Rauch Carter considers Feng Shui power tools such as anything metal, white or yellow, round or square, a TV (this area of the home is the best place for a TV), toys and games, candy, bells and lights (this is a great place to store lightbulbs) and any other symbols of children or babies.

To get the most out of this area of the house make sure you do not have any of the Feng Shui chi zappers that are bad for this area such as –  anything pointy, anything red or anything related to fire.

3. Put objects in collections of threes (or fours or more…)

If you are a couple and want to have your first child make sure you have objects in your house arranged in threes (or fours if you want twins or fives if you want triplets and so on…). This could mean putting three small plants together, putting three picture frames (extra credit if the pictures are of families with kids in the picture) together, three candles together and so on. Put objects together in the quantity of total family members you would like living in your house.

4. Feng Shui your bedroom

To help amorous relations be fun  and fertile make sure, as with all other areas of your home – your bedroom is free of clutter (as Marie Kondo describes in her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, clutter is anything that when held in your hand does not “Spark Joy.”) When the clutter is cleared, remember this means totally out of the house not just stashed in the garage, use a few Feng Shui Fertility helpers: a) do not sweep under or around the bed because as Karen Rauch Carter describes in her book, “you want the energy to settle in” b) do not keep books, a TV, a computer or electronics in your room because they distract from sleep and intimacy c) use a standing fan in place of a ceiling fan if you want to circulate the air and d) make sure the  woman sleeps on the right side of the bed and the man on the left.



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