Fabulous Feng Shui Tips for Your Office

Feng Shui Office Tips There are two ways to work with Feng Shui – first by laying out the bagua map in respect to the configuration of a home (or a room); and second by following specific suggestions for particular rooms (i.e. the bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc).

For example, just as there are Feng Shui tips for a house and/or a room for wealth, a better job or love based on the bagua; there are also feng shui tips for particular rooms of the house as well.

Taking a closer look at your office is especially good if you want to use Feng Shui to attract more wealth in your life. (True story – I Feng Shui’d my desk at work one day for money, went out for dinner that night, ran into an old friend, she told me she had a job for me and a few months later I had a new gig – and a 30% increase in salary. A few tips to get you started in Feng Shui for your office:

If at all possible your back should not face the door

You know how in the movies (and in real life) when someone enters the boss’ office she never has her back to the door? Well, it is probably because she knows with her back to the door her energy gets weak and insecure, and that is neither good boss-ery nor good Feng Shui.

She probably also knows it is boss-like and good Feng Shui to have her desk in a “command” position – meaning not right in front of the door but clearly able to see anyone who is coming through it.

If the configuration of your office does not allow for such desk positioning, get a mirror or a desk “rear view mirror”, so you can see what is going on behind you.

No desk or office clutter

The number one rule for Feng Shui is no clutter. Clutter inhibits the way chi (energy) can move through your office and stifled chi means you are missing out on the benefits of Feng Shui. Removing clutter applies to both your office and your desk (sorry). Take everything out of your office and off your desk that does not belong there. Then place those items either where they belong, donate, recycle or dispose of them. Remember to assess every item in your office and on your desk with the question of – “Do I love this dearly or use it yearly?” If you can’t answer yes to that question – it gotsta go.

Add a change bowl in the upper left corner of the desk

Get a bowl or container – preferably one that is gold, purple, green or red and put loose change in there, money from other countries, Monopoly or any game money and any other signs of riches such as partially used gift cards, jewelry (when I am down to one lone earring and can’t find its friend I always put the orphaned earring in my change bowl) etc. You determine what is “upper left” by what would be the the upper left corner when you are seated at your desk.

Add black or white, undulating or round shapes, glass or metal, water elements or symbols of the direction you want your life to be going at the entrance of your office

If you were to lay the bagua map over your office, the door / entrance to your office is the career area of the bagua. As your office and career are likely very closely tied together make sure this area is ship shape by adding some positive Feng Shui elements such as anything black or white, anything that is round or undulating (think blob-ish shaped), glass, metal, symbols of the direction you want your life to be going (if you want to be working from a beach in Thailand – put a photo of that beach in this area) or water elements (that pic of the Thai beach could do double time in this). Note a mirror is also considered a water element.


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