Feng Shui Plants: The Good, The Better and the Really, Really Bad

Jade Plant good feng shui plant for attracting money and wealth. Believe it or not – there are good and bad plants in the world of feng shui. A few tips on what plants to get and which to forget.

All Around Good (and for Attracting $$) : Straight Lucky Bamboo

This is the bamboo, which apparently isn’t “real bamboo” that is sold at high end establishments like Walgreens and sub-par gift shops but good news – it is cheap, it symbolizing humility, endurance and durability and is said to attract fortuitous energy.

For Finding Love: Orchids

Orchids are great when looking for love. Put them in the relationship corner of your house or in the relationship corner of a room. On your nightstand is another great place for orchids.

For Attracting Satisfaction or Cash Money: Magnolias

Magnolia symbolize purity. One magnolia tree planted in your front yard is said to bring ample satisfaction into your life. If you prefer to attract a good stash of cash, plant it in your back yard. Want both satisfaction and cash? Get two trees and plant one in the front and another in the back.

For Attracting Money: The Money Plant or The Jade Plant

As its name suggests – the money plant is good for attracting well, money. Similarly, the jade plant is thought to attract prosperity and wealth. Which to choose? Get one of each or whichever you like best!

For Bringing Optimism and Happiness: the Chrysanthemum

The plant itself with its big yellow poofy flowers is happy so it makes sense that it brings optimism and happiness to homes which have them. It is best placed in the living room and is considered one of the best feng shui plants.

For Attracting Moral Strength and Exclusiveness: the Lotus

Placing a lotus flower in the entrance of a home attract positive energy, moral fortitude, enlightenment and exclusiveness to a home.

Very Very Very Bad: Dead plants

Almost the worst of all is dead plants. Dead plants = dead energy. Get those things out of your house and into the compost pile immediately. Like right now.

The Worst of All Feng Shui Plants: Four Stalk “Lucky” Bamboo

According to the lore of Feng Shui there are different things that multi-stalk bamboo plants represent. One stalk is for growth (especially business growth), two is for love and while three is for happiness, long life and prosperity. The four stalk bamboo plant is a ginormo Feng Shui no, no as that represents a death wish. Yikes.

The Best of All Feng Shui Plants: The 21 Stalk Lucky Bamboo

If you find a five stalk or more bamboo plant those attract all the good stuff – happiness, health, wealth, love and more. However, the 21 stalk plant is the ultimate – this symbolizes that all your wishes will be profoundly and truly yours. Totally worth combining some bamboo plants and/or honing your bamboo green thumb IMHO.

Also know when picking out feng shui plants

  1. Round leaves are better than pointy leaves.
  2. Larger plants attract more good energy than smaller plants.
  3. Flowers are often used to attract love.
  4. Cacti with their prickliness and pointyness and needleness well, they are as uncomfortable to Feng Shui energy as they are to us and should be avoided if possible.

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