Feng Shui Tips for that Job You Really, Really, Really Want

Feng Shui Tips for Your Dream Career Oh that job. You want it. You daydream about it. You envision the moment you stand up in the middle of the cube farm and say three words – “See. Ya. Bitches!”

You check your email every 14 seconds. Sometimes you check your email – when you are checking your email. Maybe the whole world wide web is down? Maybe there is something wrong with your phone? Is your voicemail full? You second guess everything you said. Everything you didn’t say. Why why why aren’t they calling you? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy aren’t you proudly peeing in a cup for the mandatory drug test right this minute? Why aren’t you learning the location of the post-it closet and tea drawer at your dream job – just like, right now, for example.

I can’t help with the status of the world wide web or be tech support for your phone, but I can provide a few career feng shui tips to help encourage your hopefully future hiring manager away from trying to get the damn printer to work and towards calling you to let you know – you. got. the. job.

Make Sure the Front Door Area of Your House is Freaking Pristine

The door that the architect of the home would believe is the front door of your house or apartment – is the door Feng Shui considers the front one. And this front door in Feng Shui is ground zero for your career. The area outside the door and inside the door must be 100% clean of all clutter, dirt, grime, old tennis shoes and cable bills. If you have a coat closet near the front door organize the hell out of it. Donate and/or get rid of anything in it that you do not either love dearly or use yearly. Organize your shoes. Get rid of jackets you haven’t worn. Toss the tennis racket (no, if you haven’t learned to play since you bought it on sale 11 years ago – you aren’t going to learn to play now.) Make that closet picture perfect in case the Architectural Digest photo crew shows up hankering for some home storage pics.

Use Your Front Door

To enter your home you may typically use the door from the garage, the side door, the back door, or as I would as a kid when I got locked out – just go through a window BUT with Feng Shui the area related to your career is your front door and if you are hot and bothered about getting a new gig you want to make sure your career energy is not stagnant. In other words, if you want active energy placed towards your career you have to active energy in the Feng Shui career area – start using that front door and start opening it regularly to let energy flow in and out.

Get a New Welcome Mat

In keeping the front door area clean and pristine, also make sure to be “welcoming” your new career. Toss the old welcome mat that probably came with the house when you moved in a and buy a new one. I think this one would definitely put a few smiles on faces and bring good energy to your career space.

Make Your Front Door Inviting

Your front door is for more than the mailman delivering the latest Bed Bath and Beyond coupon. This is where, according to the Chinese, the energy for your career comes in. In other words, when your front door feels happy, your career feels happy. With that said, put some welcoming plants or flowers there. Put a warm, sunny and friendly sculpture there. I find this sculpture especially adorable, and it is metal (good career Feng Shui) and it has red in it (really good feng shui) and it is the tin man – and well, what else do you need to know?

Put Symbols of the Job Near Your Front Door

Now that you have the career corner clean and clear, let’s tell the energy (chi) what you want it to deliver. To do so, place symbols of the job you want in this area and remember none of the symbols actually need to be seen. For example, if the new job would require a move to San Francisco, put your California travel book here. If it would be working with animals, put photos of your favorite four legged friends here. Print off the emails you have had from people you have spoken with at the company and neatly stash them somewhere near the front door. Print off the job description and stick that with the stashed emails.

Remove Any Feng Shui Hazards

There are Feng Shui no no’s. For the front door these no no’s include: dirt, dust, clutter, anything square, things that are yellow, orange or brown and pictures and/or symbols of people, places and things that you do not have any desire to attract to your life.


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