The Dealio with Feng Shui Colors

Bagua Map, Feng Shui Colors Wondering what the deal is with Feng Shui colors? Which you should use when and where? And which you should not use and where not to use them. Here is the breakdown:

The Color You Need to Use is Dependent on What Area of Your Life You Want to Improve

To begin with, the Bagua Map (bah-gwah) shown below is a “map” of the different areas of your life and where they can be found in your home, office or in an individual room. To use it, lay it out so the “Career” box (or gua) is at the front door and facing inside of the room you want to Feng Shui. (I typically just lay this out across each room in the house. It is much easier than trying to figure out how it lays across the entire house and works just as well.)

The primary color that should be used for the area around the door of your room is black. However, as you described below there are, at times, a few different colors that can be used in individual guas. If you were to then divide up the room into nine equal sized areas – the love corner would be in the farthest right corner, the wealth corner in the far left, health in the center, etc.

When and Where to Use and Not Use Colors


What area to use it: Career, Helpful People and Travel, Skills and Knowledge

Where to avoid it: Reputation


What area to use it: Skills and Knowledge


What area to use it: Wealth


What area to use it: Wealth, Skills and Knowledge, Family

Where to avoid it: Health


What area to use: Helpful People and Travel


Where to use it: Love and Marriage


What area to use it: Wealth


What area to use it:  Reputation, Wealth, Love and Marriage

Where to avoid it: Creativity and Children


What area to use it: Love and Marriage, Creativity and Children, Helpful People and Travel

Where to avoid it: Family

Yellow  / Earth Tones

What area to use it: Health

Where to avoid it: Career


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