Denver Favorites, Firsts & F’d Up Frogs

Three of my Denver favorites, two Denver firsts (for moi) and one very f’d up frog.

1. Best No B.S. Grocery Store on the Planet

Natual Grocers (formerly Vitamin Cottage a Colorado company, sells 100% organic fruits and vegetables, is cheaper than their poser competitors and does not provide bags (boxes though).

Natural Grocers (formerly the Vitamin Cottage) – Multiple Locations

Perfect for those who: Want to support a Colorado company, want a store that not only looks like it should sell organic food but actually does, want to support a business that does not lobby for (yes, FOR) GMOs (like ah, hmmm – Whole Foods) and provides only reusable bags for purchase or boxes. Sound good? Head on over to the place formerly known as The Vitamin Cottage – Natural Grocers.


2. $12 of Stuff Your Face Deliciousness from the Cutest Waiter in Denver


Ethiopian Restaurant Inc. (yes, Inc.) – 2816 East Colfax, Denver

Perfect for those who want: Mind blowing food which will negate all reasons to eat for the next 18 hours all for $12 – $13, no wait even on the weekends and the cutest family in Denver to provide the entire experience for you. I would have a picture of the cute guy who serves here but I was too shy to ask and practically ran out of the place when it appeared David might ask for me. As a bit of a warning their “white” wine is pink. Stick with the Ethiopian beer. It makes cute waiter guy so happy when you order it.


3. Half Price Books, Best Bookstore in the Country


Tattered Cover: LoDo, Colfax & Highlands Ranch (i.e. The HR)

Perfect for those who: 1. read 2. want to read on the cheap 3. want to support an amazing local Colorado company and 4. want someone to do all the first cuts through the book piles for you. (My opinion, The Tattered Cover only buys really good used books so sorting through their used section is kind of sorting through the first run of expert first picks.)


4.  $1 Beer, Doggie Heaven and Every 20-Something in Denver

Denver Beer Company 1695 Platte Street, Denver

Perfect for those who: Want a bumpin’ patio packed solid with 20 and 30 somethings and their canine companions on a sunny Saturday afternoon, food trucks out front waiting to serve your every needs and all beers available for a $1 try.

Give the Kaffir Lime Wheat a taste.


5. Beautiful (Super Lazy) Stroll on a February Saturday AfternoonRoxborough State Park

Considered by Colorado’s most famous photographer, John Fielding, the best State Park in Colorado, Roxborough has gorgeous trails for grandma, the kiddos and/or the lazies as well as some huffer and puffers for those looking for exercise.  Perfect for those looking to go for a little outdoors town when the mountains are full of snow or you just don’t want to commit to the time to drive to ge to them.



6. Great Little Park with Jumbo F’d Up Frogs

We went to the South Platte River as it is another place to go sans-snow and sans- physical effort. It, like f-d-frog Roxborough Park was recommended in, John Fielder’s Best of Colorado. We stumbled across a couple that pointed out a “frog as big as a cat” or maybe they were just referring to the size of what was growing on it’s back.





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9 thoughts on “Denver Favorites, Firsts & F’d Up Frogs

  1. Are those frogs eating GMO food? Very weird. Thanks for sharing. I will be sure to check it out!

    • No! I hope not! Ill stick to the grocery store you recommend though just in case!

    • It is the best grocery store in the country – all the good stuff, none of the pretense, reasonable prices and a CO. company. You will have to let me know what you think!

  2. Poor froggie… no one ever told him not to swim in the Platte!!

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