Best Things to Do in Denver #1

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There are loads of Denver area bars, restaurants, services and stores who deserve the “Best Of” and never get them. Here are 7 such examples:

The Absolute Best Car Mechanic in Denver (and of Yesteryear)

Remember when you could go to the corner gas station and it had gas AND mechanics?? Remember when these Gas-Plus-Mechanic-Places actually cared about you and your car problems more than they cared about their franchise policies?

This is the 8th & Corona Conoco in Denver (near Cheesman Park).

I have lost track of how many times these guys have saved my ass, my car (and my bank account). They focus on being quick, honest and getting the job done right the first time – for a price that is very much in the range of reasonable.

If you are looking to get the run around, the sales pitch, loads of BS and a place to spend your entire paycheck – then go to Big Car Repair Bill Inc. If you want the real deal with a dash of old neighborhood charm – head to the Conoco at 8th and Corona in Denver. (Seriously dudes, I  called these guys from Spain for car advice. They are the best.)

The Massage that Will Change Your Freaking Life

Want the best massage in the Mile High City? Get in touch with Suzanne – suzanneklein at mac dot com. She doesn’t have a website or attempt to market herself because, well in my opinion, when you give the best massage in Denver, you don’t have to to.

The Best Place to Heal Injuries and Your Health

You know what seriously sucked? Signing a lease in Vail for the winter season and 24 hours later experiencing rogue knee tweak. Unable to put pressure on my knee but able to use Google, I instantly searched for “Denver community acupuncture”.

(“Community acupuncture” is a manner of treating multiple people in one room and passing (massive) cost savings back to the client. It is a “pay as you can” policy and it R-O-C-K-S.)

My Googling introduced me to Denver Community Acupuncture. I went three times in one week (I was in massive panic mode.) I paid $135 total – which was the upper end of their “pay as you can” policy and spent less than 3 hours for all three visits combined. I was back on my snowboarding / Vail winter condo plan before the next weekend and I have been in total heart with them ever since.

Best Place to Get a Hair Cut, Highlight & Happiness

I met Helena Ny over the phone when I interviewed her regarding her experience as a child during Pol Pot’s genocidal regime in Cambodia. I met her in person when I came to Denver for a visit and was in need of hair TLC. I have returned numerous times since. Hair time with Helena is equal parts spiritual insight, major girl gab fest, a bit of wine or perhaps daquiri thrown in the mix and serious hair love. (She actually listens to you and does not go agro hair stylist on your locks.) Go to her for your hair and come out whole. Find more about Helena here:

The Facial that Will Change Your Freaking Life

I was introduced to Denver Laser Solutions by Denver photographer Lucia De Giovanni. What does a place does laser hair removal have to do with facials you may ask? When it comes to Denver Laser Solutions – absolutely everything. For an unapologetic snob of all things massage and spa I can tell you I have traveled the world in search of the best of the best – and I found it right there on the corner of 14th and Glenarm – smack in the middle of Denver. Who knew? Now we both do. Ready for life change? Make an appointment for the DLS Classic Facial today.

Best Guaranteed No-Wait Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Want some eggs, bacon and a two hour Saturday morning wait? Not me. Want breakfast or lunch no matter what time of the day it is? Want it all with no wait? Perhaps with some booze thrown in for good measure? Get yourself on over to Pete’s Greek Town Cafe. In 12 years of going there I have never 1) waited for a table or 2) been disappointed.

Best Breakfast View. Ever.

Want a view of Pikes Peak, Longs Peak and everything in between? Head to The Perfect Landing in (yes, inside) the Centennial Airport. Watch teeny tiny tiny planes take off and land on the runway in front of you, eat more food than you ever thought humanly possible and gaze out at a whole lot of unobstructed miles of Rocky Mountain magic. Get there early to get a table by the window.

What place in Denver is the “Best Of” in your opinion that has yet to be officially rated so? Fill in the comments and let me know below!

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