56 of Denver Must-Try Food & Drinks

Looking for some of Denver’s best food and drink? The high end, the inexpensive, the rare, the entirely unique? Here are loads of options (all of which we have personally tasted, loved and feel strongly they are extremely worthy of mention.)

Best Yucatan-ese Food

Craving the traditional Mexican but maybe with a new spin? Give the folks from the Yucatan a try at Los Tres Reyes in Littleton. It is run by a family who will happily provide suggestions on what to eat – they suggested lechon de horno to us for good reason – it is freaking fabulous. Then onto the yummy Yucatan Combination plate for me. The night was complete with the son of the chef giving us loads of intel about Yucatan mythology as well as his stories of hunting deer in the jungle. It was a little trip to another happy world, 15 minutes from home.

The Fanciest, Least Expensive and Most Delicious Restaurants

Being from Detroit, home of the 2nd largest Middle Eastern population outside of the Middle East, I take my Middle Eastern food seriously. I find living in Denver away from loads and loads of amazing Middle Eastern food is just as traumatic to the soul as living in Spain away from Mexican food, but Ali Baba in Golden comes to the rescue. Not only do they have all my Middle Eastern favorites, but one of their dining rooms makes you feel as if you are not only downing good and inexpensive Middle Eastern but doing so at the king’s palace.

Not far from Ali Baba is the Sherpa House in Golden serving up Nepalese, Sherpa, Tibetan and Indian food all in one beautifully decorated and renovated home. It is near impossible to choose what to eat off the menu. I went for the veggie Nepalese stew and would highly recommend it. A gorgeous patio awaits when the weather is right.

Best Breakfast View. Ever.

Want a view of Pikes Peak, Longs Peak and everything in between? Head to The Perfect Landing in (yes, inside) the Centennial Airport. Watch teeny tiny tiny planes take off and land on the runway in front of you, eat more food than you ever thought humanly possible and gaze out at a whole lot of unobstructed miles of Rocky Mountain magic. Get there early to get a table by the window.

What place in Denver is the “Best Of” in your opinion that has yet to be officially rated so? Fill in the comments and let me know below!

Best Sugar Fix (x2) in Denver

What is better than one dessert? Two.

Enter D Bar Dessert’s Cake and Shake (which has also, deservingly, found itself on the cover of a 5280 issue). Described as a “3-layer choc cake [with] madagascar chocolate frosting [served with a] vanilla or chocolate milk shake or malt.” Ummm, yes please. I will take two. I mean one.

Best $5 Dinner in Denver

Pizza slices too big to fit on the plate, one slice is all you need, prices starting at $3.50 AND delicious? Hit Fat Sully’s on Colfax near the Bluebird, and get yourself some. They even have a late night window that is open until “at least 2 am” to satisfy the end of night pizza fix.

Best Cozy Place for a Glass of Wine & a Good Book

Remember that adorable bookstore in You’ve Got Mail? The place where you just wanted to snuggle up with a book, a cup of tea, your favorite sweater and live forever? This is what the Book Bar on 42nd and Tennyson reminds me of –  EXCEPT Book Bar is even better. Why? Book Bar has 1) wine (and beer) 2) cozy couches 3) small plates 4) dessert and 5) in case you didn’t catch it the first time – wine (!)

Best Bizarrely Delicious Pizza + Whiskey

Not everyone can pull off mozarella, pineapple, jalapeno and mint leaves but Buenos Aires Pizzeria (22nd and Larimer) can. AND – it gets better! You can order Buenos Aires pizza, and they will deliver it, while you sip on more options of whiskey than you ever knew were available at the appropriately named Whiskey Bar next door.

Best Sandwich North, South, West & East of the Mississippi

Pepperoni, turkey, hot peppers and key lime mayo. I do not know who thought of this, or how they did it, but on my list of things I will forever be grateful for, this might go right below, “Learning to Read.” Want one your self? Hit Buchi Cafe Cubano in the Highlands (38th and Clay) and get a Aye Conyo! There empanadas, avocado salad and of course, Cuban coffee are pretty damn good as well.

Best Hangover Food

My only problem with Moe’s Bagels? They, in my opinion, desperately need a service that takes orders at 2 am for delivery the next morning.

Short of that, Moe’s is a longtime favorite. One bagel sandwich will please your palette, fill you up good and plenty, and be signficant progress in curing any remnants of the prior evening’s libation intake. Yes, there is good reason the line is typically out the door.

Best Cookies on Earth

You know the Girl Scout Samoas you wait for all year? Watercourse and City o’ City make their own (way better) version of them and name them – appropriately – the Scout Cookie. Although one scout cookies costs more ($4.50 last time I checked) than an entire box of Samoas they are 1000% better and surprisingly to many, vegan. Also deserving honorable mention – the chocolate chips cookies at the Victory Love + Cookies inside Denver Bread Company and the frosted sugar cookies from City o’ City.

Best Guaranteed No-Wait Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Want some eggs, bacon and a two hour Saturday morning wait? Not me. Want breakfast or lunch no matter what time of the day it is? Want it all with no wait? Perhaps with some booze thrown in for good measure? Get yourself on over to Pete’s Greek Town Cafe. In 12 years of going there I have never 1) waited for a table or 2) been disappointed.

Best Sushi Lunch for Mexican Food Prices

When you are choosing where to eat quesadillas I say let all the inhibitions go. When you are choosing where to eat raw fish – may I suggest you be more selective.

I found Sushi Bay 17 walking by the day it opened when I saw the endearing wait staff waiting outside for their first customers. A peek inside revealed it was up to my sushi eating cleanliness standards i.e. it was spotless.

David and I gave it a try one day for lunch. I had their Vegetarian Sushi Lunch ($8 with salad, soup and 5 pieces assorted vegetarian sushi and avocado rolls) and David ate their Sushi & Sashimi Lunch ($12, salad, soup, 3 pieces of sushi, 3 pieces of raw fish and spicy crunch tuna roll). It was all freaking delicious, very healthy and the same price, if not cheaper, than enchiladas, chips and salsa. Get after it is my ‘where to eat lunch’ tip for you.

Best Chocolate Fix

In theory, I allow myself to eat dessert once a week. (Sometimes my definition of “week” and “once” does, admittedly, vary.) Allowing one massive sugar session every seven days means what I eat during this once weekly event is not a decision I take lightly.

The chocolate brownie at the Daz Bog on 12th and Clayton will seperate the real chocolate lovers from the posers, the chocolate addicts from the wanna bes, the fair weathered friends from the devoted. This brownie tasted like chocolate, infused with chocolate, topped in chocolate. It was heaven in every bite, and it even satiated me for seven solid days.

Best Bingo and Vietnamese Night Out

Craving a little B-I-N-G-O and noodle bowls yet think you are S.O.L? Guess again, my friend.

Head down to New Saigon (best place for Vietnamese according to me and every other person in Denver who voices their opinion on things), but don’t fill yourself up too much because you will need to be on high alert at Barry’s Bingo (a mile and a half away).

Make no bones about the people who frequent Barry’s Bingo palace, they may look like sweet and charming old timers but once they start calling out numbers they turn  into something fierce. You will have to go to experience it but be prepared to learn more ways to play Bingo than you ever thought possible, find yourself unexpectedly caught up in a Bingo fury and have a helluva a good time.

Must Have Tacos Autentico

I recently asked my husband, David the three foods he couldn’t live without. His response? “Tacos.” His favorite, as of late, are the tacos al pastor at Tacqueria Mi Pueblo on 23rd and Federal. David reports, “They are a must eat. They are cheap and authentic. If you are hungry you should also try the breakfast burritos – even if it is not breakfast.”

Near the Baker hood? Then you MUST go to Socorro’s Street Tacos (19 East Bayaud) for – you guessed it – street tacos. Socorro’s is a tiny, 10 seat place, where you can get Mexican Coca-Cola and not only authentic tacos but an authentic experience.

Best Indian Food

Located in a south Boulder strip mall, Tandoori Grill puts out the best Indian food I have found in the Denver metro area. Some of my Tandoori Grill favorites include – Chana Saag, Baingan Bharta and of course, Tikka Masala.

One of the Best Burgers

True Story: You know who loves “American” food the most? The Europeans. At least is the case with my European husband.

Passing a burger place without entering, “You know, to try something new,” he will tell me – is simply not possible. This holds especially true when we are in the vicinity of Park Burger in the Highlands. Even the mention of it today elicited comments of, “That place is good.” Pause. “That place is really good.” His favorites are the El Mariachi and the El Chilango with the parmesan and truffle fries (of course). Veggie options also available.

Best Bar in Middle of Nowhere

How far will I drive for a good bar? Apparently, one hour and 2 minutes. A girlfriend of mine was telling me about The Bucksnort Saloon in Pine, Colorado over drinks when the bartender overheard our chat and chimed in that it was somewhere I, “had to go”.

The Bucksnort does take a bit of getting to. You definitely want to try and GPS / Google Map it because the signs to the saloon are good for a bit and then fade off into oblivion right before you get there. If you are on a dirt road thinking, “there is no way in hell this could be right.” You are almost there.

When you arrive your hardwork is rewarded by all the saloon fixings – pool tables, dining on your standard pub fare, chilling on the back terrace overlooking the creek below, loads of bikers and watiresses that do not hesitate for a second to tell you what is up.

Best 24 Hour, Happy Hour (with Tacos!)

Pinche Taqueria not only has tacos which are worth the trip alone, but, and I am not kidding here, happy hour all freaking day on Monday. All day, people. All day.

The Best $2 Breakfast in Denver

Yes, there is a place you can get a $2 breakfast that it is not corporate owned, strategizing globalization efforts and/or deforesting half the Amazon. It is Bubba Chino’s on the corner of Franklin and Colfax. Stop by on the

way to work for their $2 breakfast burrito of the day. Take it with you to the office or chill on their patio while you gobble all that $2 deliciousness down.

Best and Most Impeccably Restored Indoor Market

The Source, located inside an old iron foundry in the RiNo district was impeccably restored and is now Denver’s only indoor market and food emporium. It features vendors such as Comida (and their to die for tacos), a cheese shop, a bakery, a distillery (that serves nothing but fantastic booze!), a brewery, a butcher, a wine store and more – all leaving you with the feeling that you are not in a gentrifying area of Denver but have serendipitously stumbled upon a little corner of Europe in the Mile High City.

Best Place to Drink Whiskey and Have Your Weekly Status Meeting

It took 200,000 years of human history to create the perfect workplace – an office you actually want to be in WITH a full bar and restaurant. Many apologies to the 1000s of generations who missed out prior to Gather and Galvanize fusing in the historic Rocky Mountain Bank Note Building in Denver’s Golden Triangle, but for those of us lucky enough to be at the right place in the right time in history, Gather serves up food and drink while sharing space with Galvanize, “Denver’s fastest growing digital startup hub.” Free-wifi, couches, a bar and eating tables allow for both eating and meeting – literally.

Best Flavored Vodka

There were days where I could drink substantial quantities of vodka. Then came the realization that hangovers were annoying, ruining your next day was a bore, the expense was absurd and well, I just – fortunately or not – grew out of it. I still however have a serious appreciation for vodka done exceptionally well such as Spring44’s Honey Flavored Vodka made right next door in Loveland, CO. I was so taken aback by its deliciousness I fear I would never have the words to describe it, so I will use theirs, “Light honey sweetness up front with floral notes, hints of lavender. Mid palate is creamy with warm vanilla and rich honey. Finish is long with notes of toasted nuts.” While trying it, different cocktails it could create were suggested but, I say do nothing to alter it, put it on the rocks, and revel in it.

Drink Wine from a Can

Yes, yes, you can have wine in a can. (And a bomb ass environment to drink it.) In the heart of the RiNo Arts District, The Infinite Monkey Theorem positions itself, and rightly so, as the 15,000 square foot urban winery. There wines are, “not only expressions of the local fruit, the process, and the personality of the winemaker, but also expressions of the people drinking the wine. It is a product born out of the community and thus representative of the community.” And that is coming right from the horse’s monkey’s mouth.

Best Sushi on Earth

Every out of towner looks at me like this, “Sushi? Denver? Yeah right.” Then we go to Sushi Den and it is the first place they want to go to when they return. Don’t miss the black cod, green mussels or lemon drop martinis. There is almost a guaranteed wait of at least 45 minutes unless you go for lunch.

Best Balls

Located in the old Izakaya Denver is the new Session Kitchen. Totally remodeled from the Izakaya days, Session Kitchen is a modern and hip (but not at all annoyingly so) restaurant offering “globally inspired, locally sourced” brunch, happy hour and dinner. The absolute not-to-be-missed are the lightly fried tallegio cheese corn bread balls that come with an apple shallot salad and kombucha hot sauce. Go hungry, you will want to fill up!

Best Fried Shrimp Po’ Boy

Located a bit off the beaten path on 26th in Jefferson Park, Sassafras serves up Southern-American comfort food in a converted Denver home. A must have is their Fried Shrimp Po’ Boy consisting of crispy cornmeal crusted fried shrimp, shredded lettuce, red tomato and house-made zesty remoulade. Put it on your to-do list.

Best Airport Food (Really)

Food choices at the airport basically come down to these: pre-made sandwiches assembled two states over four days prior or…a supersized bag of Skittles.

Then, Root Down arrived at Denver International Airport (DIA).  Similar to  Root Down’s original restaurant in North Denver, their DIA location attracts loads of foodies. It also draws anyone and everyone that is looking to say a long awaited goodbye to the rainbow of fruit flavors and HELLO to Root Down’s – “eclectic, fun, funky” and freaking fantastic food.

A Long Awaited Charmer for Craft Beer & Great Food Amongst the Lodo Chains

Finding authentic places to eat downtown can involve unfortunate challenges. High rent prices force many of the little guys out and bring the chain restaurants flocking in.

A few gems have managed to eek  their way past Corporate Restaurant Inc. and land themselves in a great downtown location – Freshcraft being a perfect example. Located on Blake and 15th, Freshcraft’s gig is this: an extensive and thoughtful beer list, bar food with serious panache (BBQ crepes, crispy pork schnitzel, quinoa cakes) and a highly desirable (and often hard to find in the area) cozy neighborhood feel.

Best Cocktails Meets Best Ambience

Denver’s most brilliantly designed restaurant (I won’t ruin the surprise, but I will say this – it was inspired by a love story between a woman who loved wine and a lumberjack) – is also THE place to go for wickedly creative cocktails.

Beatrice and Woodsley’s cocktail menu changes frequently (making it even more alluring), but their current offerings include: the Farmer in the Rye which is made with Old Overholt Rye Whiskey, allspice dram, squash puree, muddled ginger, orange, and lemon served on the rocks or the Violet, You’re Turning Violet which is a house-infused violet vodka concoction (teas, blueberries, ginger, etc) and lemon juice – also on the rocks.

p.s. The contraption by which you wash your hands here is a must-see in and of itself.

Best Gourmet Tacos

Five words (plus a plus sign): Go to Machete Tequila + Tacos.

Eighteen more words:  Get the quesadillas (I vote for shrimp with poblano salsa variety) and the chips with three kinds of salsa.

Deep Dish Pizza that Will Save Your Day

After a solid 8 hours dealing with technical website problems and worse, technical “support” I beelined it out the door to the liquor store.

With a bottle of pinot noir firmly gripped in my mitts, the only thing separating me from it was a simple credit card transaction I was waiting in line to complete.

Enter a woman with the world’s most favorite insulated envelope – a big red one crammed full of pizza.

This miracle lady was from Patxi’s, a recently opened pizzeria on 17th and Franklin. To be neighborly, to announce their new location (and to save my whole day), she came into the store to give away free (and insanely good) deep dish pizzas.

The Best of Philadelphia is in Denver

David and I were out celebrating the fact that he just landed a job at one of the biggest and certainly most well known companies in the world (to note David did not speak English until he was in his 20s and then a decade later he goes and lands a contract gig at a massive company his first shot out of the gate job hunting in the U.S. – marry someone who amazes you is the best marital I have got to give). So we find ourselves at River North Brewery – a fabulous place for many reasons – a few of which are – a feeling of simple neighborhood chill, it is downtown but not “in downtown” (which is a plus for things such as FREE parking, less crowds, less downtown shenanigans), good beer and on this particular day – Pride of Philly Cheesesteaks was parked out back. The guy came in and chatted with us. During this time he told us that he left some kind of not-such-a-riot office job to bring Philly to Denver.  That story alone sold us the first time – but then we had a taste of some of this Pride of Philly which sold us – hook line and sinker – the second time.

Drink Whiskey in the Type of Place Where it is Meant to Be Drunk

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the hipster places popping up to drink booze, but sometimes I want to drink it in the kind of place where I believe it was intended to be drunk – out of a paper bag on a corner waiting for the bus.(That is a joke, mom.)

But seriously, you know, “the” whiskey place -the places that are a little less polished, a little more raw and a bit easier on the billfold. Want that?  Hit Tennyson Tap on 38th and Tennyson.

Please note it is actually on 38th, *near* the corner of Tennyson. I say this so you don’t walk down Tennyson for a mile and a half assuming you will just run into it  only to learn name does not necessarily mean literal geographic location as, ahum, someone might do.

Learn Un Poquito Spanish while Eating Mexican Deliciousness

Something that might surprise the pants off you? (I wrote shit first and then deleted it. Too crass for a lady like myself, you know?) When David, my hubby from Spain, speaks Spanish to other Latinos in Denver (who clearly speak English as their second language as well) – you know what language they speak back to him in?


Almost 100% of the time.

There is however an exception to all of this in Denver. Tacos Jalisco on 38th and Tennyson. Yes, of course, they speak perfect English, but they will throw some Spanish in there for fun (no worries nothing to be intimidated about) and when you chat back with them in Spanish – they do as well.

Not only is Tacos Jalisco a bit of Spanish speaking fun but their Mexican food, has their own little delicious twist on it with lots of different salsas and subtle but great flavors.  David, Denver’s resident taco aficionado, would definitely want me to mention the Tacos de Camaron and the Tacos de Alambre.

2nd Best Vietnamese in Denver

New Saigon has always been my go-to Vietnamese place in Denver (although their shark fin soup I find deeply and entirely depressing), but what to do when you don’t feel like driving miles down Federal at 5 pm on Tuesday? – Go to Thai Bao Vietnamese Restaurant – you will not be disappointed – you might even like it more!

Salads for When You “Feel Like a Salad”

Why is the simplest food so  hard to find? I mean, seriously, why is it I can find vegan Japanese-Peruvian fusion but I can’t find a decently interesting and tasty salad? Good news my friends! I found a place – True Food in Cherry Creek. Located on 2nd and Fillmore, True Food is based on the wacky concept that food can be both delicious and nutritious. Their offerings range from fresh squeezed juices and cocktails, fish, seafood, pasta, pizzas and of course – salads. Go early the place gets packed.

Another place not to miss when you “feel like a salad” is the Corner Beet. Located at the corner of 14th and Ogden. There Greek Salad is perfectly sized, artistically crafted and makes you feel like you are choosing not only clean food for your body but a happy meal for your soul.

Best Selection of Colorado Beer in Colorado

Not to be a selfish, narrow-minded jerk – but with over 160 breweries in Colorado – is there really a reason to be drinking other states’ beer? Perhaps this is what Colorado Plus Brew Pub (6995 W. 38th Ave, Wheat Ridge) was thinking too.

With over 56 Colorado beers on tap (including some of their own) Colorado Plus Brew Pub should be on the top of any beer lover’s or Colorado lover’s must-visit destination list.

The Most Unique Place to Eat in the Entire State of Colorado?

Located on South Parker Road in Aurora is H-Mart, a mega-mart for all food stuffs Asian and International. Going there is an event in and of itself.

Standing the parking lot – you are in Denver – enter through the sliding doors and you are on another wonderful side of the world.

When you enter, to your far left beyond the cash registers is the H-Mart’s restaurant. It might be easy to overlook – but I would caution you not to. The food is fun, filling (they bring out piles of appetizers just because they are awesome like that) and their prices are inexpensive ranging towards levels of absurdity – four adults and two kids ate (with tip) for $60 – and we brought home half our food.

Insanely Good Happy Hour

I loved living near Cherry Creek but I never much found myself going there to eat or drink. (Machete and True Foods being the exception) Then, a girlfriend introduced me to NoRTH’s (190 Clayton) Bottle and Board Happy Hour which for 20 bucks gets you a bottle of wine and a board of two meats, two cheeses and other very good – goodies.

Best Thin Crust Pizza 

My husband David is easy to please but harder to impress. The scale to impress him gets raised when we are trying something which his hometown, a small place outside of Barcelona does exceptionally well – pizza being a great example.

It is rare, of course, to come across a pizza he doesn’t like – but to meet a pizza he loves, one he goes as far as to say, “It is the best pizza in Denver.” well that takes Right Coast Pizza (7100 West 38th Avenue, Wheat Ridge).

According to my in-house discerning pizza critic, you can’t go wrong with the Black & Blue Pizza. Plus their stellar and ever changing beer selection will please the ficklest brew lover amongst us.

Appetizers that Will Change the Course of Your Very Existence

My only explanation for edamame in the past was this: it was a quick fix to prevent starvation, collapse or perhaps in my case, the appearance of symptoms that look quite a bit like a caught a case of raging bitch anytime my stomach hits the very dangerous status of – empty.

HOWEVER, then came Denver’s La Biblioteca, a newer restaurant on the scene owned by the same folks who own Zengo. La Biblioteca’s edamame is discreetly named Edamame XO, and I think it is because you want to kiss and hug it – repeatedly. It is impossible to describe as it is breaking all barriers, a pioneer of sorts, in the edamame world.

But – resist all temptations to get 12 of orders of it because you are definitely going to want to get yourself some Guacamole with Smoked Trout (doesn’t really require any additional explanation does it?), and Skirt Steak Wagyu Chorizo Tacos. It all sounds way too good to be true but it isn’t.

The Largest Tequila Collection in the Country + Tequila Lockers (!!!!)

What is better:

1)access to the most tequila this side of Mexico or

2) having your own personal booze locker?

Thanks toLa Biblioteca you don’t have to choose.

With over 350 tequila options ranging in price from a few bucks a shot to $350 you will need to return  every day of the year (not really the worst scenario in the world, in my mind) before you would ever have to risk a repeat.

To help keep your tequila-ing organized La Biblioteca, keeps personal tequila cards for you to record all that blue agave derived deliciousness you have sampled.

And it gets even better – when you find tequila you want to hoard all for yourself, which you certainly will, a small 50 bucks gets you a personal (and charming) tequila locker where you can stash your favs while they await your return.

Prosecco on Tap (!!) + Oysters + Worth Going Out of Your Way for Pizza

Impossible as it may seem to pull off prosecco on tap, oysters and pizza, in an old shipping container with a seating capacity of 29, Cart – Driver, located in the heart of River North Arts District does it seamlessly and beautifully. If you can’t make it during traditional dining hours – all the better – their happy hour (3 – 6 pm, 10 – 12 pm) with $5 oysters, pizzas, prosecco on tap (and more) are well worth going early or arriving late.

Tomatillo Green Chile, Cheddar Curds and Goat Cheese, Cilantro, Chile Lime Fries 

I really don’t need to say anymore than that, do I? Details on their whereabouts? Euclid Hall on 14th near Larimer.

While you are there, get the Brat Burger – bretzel bun, slaw, 10,000 island dressing, Jarlsberg cheese.

The Best of Vietnam in Boulder

If you love Vietnamese food, or if you just love food (and stunningly reasonable prices) you will love, love, love Chez Thuy on 28th near Valmont.

Best Adult Beverage Holiday Gift

Breckenridge Distillery’ Bitters are described with phrases such as, “hand-harvested alpine herbs…ancient bitter roots…a symphony of aromas…aperitif…” Frankly, I don’t know what the hell any of that means, but what I do know is you would have to be a bloody damn fool not to love the stuff.

100% European Husband Approved Homemade Kielbasa

Grocery shopping with my Catalan husband David looks a lot like this – he goes up to the meat / fish / sausage counter and longingly looks for food which remotely looks like what he has at home, and then reluctantly chooses the best of a series of bad options. Meanwhile, I run around the store and get everything else. In the end, my grocery shopping and his – take about the same amount of time. He never complains but he is never elated either which is why he was ecstatic when we found – Sawa Market Euro Market & Delicatessen. Here they have homemade kielbasa and bacon and a little slice of home (and heaven).

$12 of Stuff Your Face Deliciousness from the Cutest Waiter in Denver

Perfect for those who want: Mind blowing food which will negate all reasons to eat for the next 18 hours all for $12 – $13, no wait even on the weekends and the cutest family in Denver to provide the entire experience for you. I would have a picture of the cute guy who serves here but I was too shy to ask and practically ran out of the place when it appeared David might ask for me. As a bit of a warning their “white” wine is pink. Stick with the Ethiopian beer. It makes cute waiter guy so happy when you order it. Ethiopian Restaurant Inc. (yes, Inc.) – 2816 East Colfax, Denver

$1 Beer, Doggie Heaven and Every 20-Something in Denver

Perfect for those who: Want a bumpin’ patio packed solid with 20 and 30 somethings and their canine companions on a sunny Saturday afternoon, food trucks out front waiting to serve your every needs and all beers available for a $1 try. Give the Kaffir Lime Wheat a taste. Denver Beer Company 1695 Platte Street, Denver


Don’t want to miss out on any other Denver food and drink recommendations?

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