The Best Things to Do in Denver #4

Cappuccino from Cafe Max, Denver

Cappuccino from Cafe Max, Denver

Looking for the best things to do in Denver? Here are 8 suggestions. Looking for even more suggestions? Check out Best of Denver #1 or #2 or #3 or #5 or #6 or #7 for more CO love.

Best Bingo and Vietnamese Night Out

Craving a little B-I-N-G-O and noodle bowls yet think you are S.O.L? Guess again, my friend.

Head down to New Saigon (best place for Vietnamese according to me and every other person in Denver who voices their opinion on things), but don’t fill yourself up too much because you will need to be on high alert at Barry’s Bingo (a mile and a half away).

Make no bones about the people who frequent Barry’s Bingo palace, they may look like sweet and charming old timers but once they start calling out numbers they turnĀ  into something fierce. You will have to go to experience it but be prepared to learn more ways to play Bingo than you ever thought possible, find yourself unexpectedly caught up in a Bingo fury and have a helluva a good time.

Best Place for Lunchtime Meditation

It is interesting how doing something as simple as attempting to clear my mind of clutter requires me to go somewhere to do it, but it does. Good thing for the Kadampa Meditation Center on 10th and Marion. They offer 30 minute meditation sessions Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at noon for free (although donations are understandably accepted.) Sit towards the front of the room because it can be a bit hard to hear in the back.

Best Cappucino

Coming home from Spain and being faced with the US coffee situation was one of the single most depressing periods of my life. Ever.

With time, I committed to ridding myself of my funk and set out to see if anywhere in Denver could begin to satiate my former daily Catalan caffeinated pleasure. Turns out things have changed a bit since I was last here, and I am not only talking about iPad as cash register, as there is some seriously kick ass cappucino to be found here.

Some favorites:

Fluid Coffee Bar, on 19th and Pennsylvania. They believe making coffee is not a skill but an art and their cappuccino tastes like it. I would put Fluid’s cappuccino’s up against anything Spain can serve up AND they are one of the most socially responsible, community minded businesses in Denver I know of.

Hooked on Colfax, on Steele and Colfax. They are not f’in around when it comes to their cappuccinoi and for this, I love them. They also have a charming (and quiet) little patio in the back. Oh, AND their tagline? Coffee and Booze. Can you go wrong? I think not.

Best Atmosphere for a Cappucino

In my hunt for Spain coffee in Denver I have also come across something perhaps Spain does not do quite as much – coffee places that with some serious design inspiration. Some of my favorites include:

Cafe Max, on Colfax and Josephine


Purple Door Coffee, on 30th and Welton

Purple Door Coffee  Denver

Best Yucatan-ese Food

Craving the traditional Mexican but maybe with a new spin? Give the folks from the Yucatan a try at Los Tres Reyes in Littleton. It is run by a family who will happily provide suggestions on what to eat – they suggested lechon de horno to us for good reason – it is freaking fabulous. Then onto the yummy Yucatan Combination plate for me. The night was complete with the son of the chef giving us loads of intel about Yucatan mythology as well as his stories of hunting deer in the jungle. It was a little trip to another happy world, 15 minutes from home.

Best View of Denver You Have Likely Never Seen

Alas a win for Denver’s 15 year olds. You know what they have that a lot of us don’t? One of the best views in town, at least those who attend East High School on Colfax. Of course, I don’t think you can just walk into the high school but Denver does have the annual Architectural Tour which gives you free access to soak in the East High views (and the small school museum in the same location).

Best Place to Sit in Boris Yeltsin’s Seat

Want to hobnob like the world’s leaders? Go to the 7th floor of the Central Denver Public Library. When you get off the elevator you are definitely going to think you are in the wrong place but turn left and wander down the hall. You will come to a room with a big round table (also with stellar views). Marked on the table is where everyone from the 1997 G8 sat – you know Chirac, Clinton, Blair, those types – if, of course, you are into that kind of thing.



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