Best Things to Do in Denver #5

Bear Creek Restaurant, Kittredge, Colorado

Bear Creek Restaurant, Kittredge, Colorado

Looking for the best things to do in Denver and beyond? Here are 14 ideas. Looking for even more suggestions? Check out Best of Denver #1 or #2 or #3 or #4 or #6 or #7 for more CO love.

Best $5 Dinner in Denver

Pizza slices too big to fit on the plate, one slice is all you need, prices starting at $3.50 AND delicious? Hit Fat Sully’s on Colfax near the Bluebird, and get yourself some. They even have a late night window that is open until “at least 2 am” to satisfy the end of night pizza fix.

Best Irish Mexican Food 

If you want Ireland’s very well executed spin on Mexican food, then head to Patrick Carroll’s on 39th and Tennyson for their Irish nachos. Vaya bien!

One of the Best Long Weekends on Earth

Telluride, Colorado is not just a destination for those in the Southwestern US looking for a memorable escape. Telluride, Colorado is a place people from all corners of the world consider when looking for a memorable escape.

And with good reason.

This town of a little less than 2,400 residents began as a mining village in the late 1800s, and in many ways, has managed, despite unscrupulous developers motives otherwise, to keep in almost pristine condition.

This trip we stayed at the Mountain Lodge Telluride. (If you are looking for a less expensive option check out The Victorian Inn. It is a nice little place with a hot tub or The Ice House also with a hot tub. Both are right in town.) The suite we were in was appointed in every 5 star way possible. Staying on the ground floor meant we not only had a little patio area but the grass in front as well. If you are considering staying there, make sure you get a view of the mountains/forest and not the parking lots.

The bar had fabulous fish tacos and the hotel’s hot tubs and steam room were half the reason we stayed there in the first place. As a slight downside they allow the locals to use the pool if they purchase lunch, so it can get a bit crowded with kids and dogs (yes, dogs), but if you are looking for a divine room, this might be your place.

If you want to splurge on dinner with a jaw dropping views, food and drink hit Allred’s. Baked in Telluride has fabulous bagel sandwiches and a cute front porch if you can be one of the lucky ones to grab a seat on it. Make sure you stop into the historic New Sheridan Hotel for a drink.

Also, small town FYI – restaurants tend to close between lunch and dinner hours.

Best 24 Hour, Happy Hour (with Tacos!)

Pinche Taqueria not only has tacos which are worth the trip alone, but, and I am not kidding here, happy hour all freaking day on Monday. All day, people. All day.

Best Hike & Beer After Work

Corwina Park (part of the Denver Mountain Parks) located off of Hwy 74 between Morrison and Evergreen is the perfect place for a quick fix of nature after work. There are three different places (that we saw at least) that you can access the park.

We parked in the western most lot. (If you get to Kerr Gulch you went too far.) We then huffed and puffed it up to Panorama Point. (It is the last strectch that is the huffing and puffing part. But, um, to be fair, about 10 minutes after arriving three kids no older than 5 showed up, on their own accord, with their parents.)

Afterwards, we headed to the Town of Kittredge a wee bit west of where we parked. We happened to be there on a Friday and the entire town was bumping. (LoDo, you’ve got nothing on this place.) We opted for whiskey and chili at the Bear Creek Restaurant. Had we arrived early enough there were some extremely stellar little tables with wonderful views of the river. Great patio when the weather permits as well!

Best Cozy Place for a Glass of Wine & a Good Book

Remember that adorable bookstore in You’ve Got Mail? The place where you just wanted to snuggle up with a book, a cup of tea, your favorite sweater and live forever? This is what the Book Bar on 42nd and Tennyson reminds me of –¬† EXCEPT Book Bar is even better. Why? Book Bar has 1) wine (and beer) 2) cozy couches 3) small plates 4) dessert and 5) in case you didn’t catch it the first time – wine (!)

Best Bizarrely Delicious Pizza + Whiskey

Not everyone can pull off mozarella, pineapple, jalapeno and mint leaves but Buenos Aires Pizzeria (22nd and Larimer) can. AND – it gets better! You can order Buenos Aires pizza, and they will deliver it, while you sip on more options of whiskey than you ever knew were available at the appropriately named Whiskey Bar next door.

Best Chocolate Fix

In theory, I allow myself to eat dessert once a week. (Sometimes my definition of “week” and “once” does, admittedly, vary.) Allowing one massive sugar session every seven days means what I eat during this once weekly event is not a decision I take lightly.

The chocolate brownie at the Daz Bog on 12th and Clayton will seperate the real chocolate lovers from the posers, the chocolate addicts from the wanna bes, the fair weathered friends from the devoted. This brownie tasted like chocolate, infused with chocolate, topped in chocolate. It was heaven in every bite, and it even satiated me for seven solid days.

Best Sandwich North, South, West & East of the Mississippi

Pepperoni, turkey, hot peppers and key lime mayo. I do not know who thought of this, or how they did it, but on my list of things I will forever be grateful for, this might go right below, “Learning to Read.” Want one your self? Hit Buchi Cafe Cubano in the Highlands (38th and Clay) and get a Aye Conyo! There empanadas, avocado salad and of course, Cuban coffee are pretty damn good as well.

Best 4 Hour Education Available Anywhere

I have taken language classes, writing classes, real estate classes, feng shui classes and more writing classes at Colorado Free University and never has one of them been anything short of hugely helpful, interesting and impactful. I don’t know where they find the instructors, but I have never had one that was not well worth my time and money. They offer a class for just about everything and yes, I do mean everything. Learn to Talk to Animals class, anyone?

Best Hangover Food

My only problem with Moe’s Bagels? They, in my opinion, desperately need a service that takes orders at 2 am for delivery the next morning.

Short of that, Moe’s is a longtime favorite. One bagel sandwich will please your palette, fill you up good and plenty, and be signficant progress in curing any remnants of the prior evening’s libation intake. Yes, there is good reason the line is typically out the door.

Best Views of the Continental Divide if You are Feeling Lazy

Want to be wow’d by nature without putting any effort into it? Try Squaw Pass Road (Hwy 103) off of Evergreen Parkway to Idaho Springs. The windy road and views of the Continental Divide are guaranteed to please.

Best Views of the Continental Divide if You are Not Feeling Lazy

My absolute favorite go-to hike outside of Denver is Coyote in Golden Gate Canyon State Park. It is a about a 30 to 45 minute hike up the mountain to absolutely stunning views of the Continental Divide. The hike continues to a longer loop if you feel so inclined. It is perfect for after work or when time is limited but expectations are high. (See next option for places to eat when you are done.)

The Fanciest, Least Expensive and Most Delicious Restaurant

Being from Detroit, home of the 2nd largest Middle Eastern population outside of the Middle East, I take my Middle Eastern food seriously. I find living in Denver away from loads and loads of amazing Middle Eastern food is just as traumatic to the soul as living in Spain away from Mexican food, but Ali Baba in Golden comes to the rescue. Not only do they have all my Middle Eastern favorites, but one of their dining rooms makes you feel as if you are not only downing good and inexpensive Middle Eastern but doing so at the king’s palace.

Not far from Ali Baba is the Sherpa House in Golden serving up Nepalese, Sherpa, Tibetan and Indian food all in one beautifully decorated and renovated home. It is near impossible to choose what to eat off the menu. I went for the veggie Nepalese stew and would highly recommend it. A gorgeous patio awaits when the weather is right.


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