Best Things to Do in Denver #9

Spicy Cucumber Cocktail from La Biblioteca

Spicy Cucumber Cocktail from La Biblioteca

Looking for the best things to do in Denver and Colorado? Here are 16 ideas.

Appetizers that Will Change the Course of Your Very Existence

My only explanation for edamame in the past was this: it was a quick fix to prevent starvation, collapse or perhaps in my case, the appearance of symptoms that look quite a bit like a caught a case of raging bitch anytime my stomach hits the very dangerous status of – empty.

HOWEVER, then came Denver’s La Biblioteca, a newer restaurant on the scene owned by the same folks who own Zengo. La Biblioteca’s edamame is discreetly named Edamame XO, and I think it is because you want to kiss and hug it – repeatedly. It is impossible to describe as it is breaking all barriers, a pioneer of sorts, in the edamame world.

But – resist all temptations to get 12 of orders of it because you are definitely going to want to get yourself some Guacamole with Smoked Trout (doesn’t really require any additional explanation does it?), and Skirt Steak Wagyu Chorizo Tacos. It all sounds way too good to be true but it isn’t.

The Largest Tequila Collection in the Country + Tequila Lockers (!!!!)

What is better:

1)access to the most tequila this side of Mexico or

2) having your own personal booze locker?

Thanks toLa Biblioteca you don’t have to choose.

With over 350 tequila options ranging in price from a few bucks a shot to $350 you will need to return  every day of the year (not really the worst scenario in the world, in my mind) before you would ever have to risk a repeat.

To help keep your tequila-ing organized La Biblioteca, keeps personal tequila cards for you to record all that blue agave derived deliciousness you have sampled.

And it gets even better – when you find tequila you want to hoard all for yourself, which you certainly will, a small 50 bucks gets you a personal (and charming) tequila locker where you can stash your favs while they await your return.

Tomatillo Green Chile, Cheddar Curds and Goat Cheese, Cilantro, Chile Lime Fries 

I really don’t need to say anymore than that, do I? Details on their whereabouts? Euclid Hall on 14th near Larimer.

While you are there, get the Brat Burger – bretzel bun, slaw, 10,000 island dressing, Jarlsberg cheese.

Learn Un Poquito Spanish while Eating Mexican Deliciousness

Something that might surprise the pants off you? (I wrote shit first and then deleted it. Too crass for a lady like myself, you know?) When David, my hubby from Spain, speaks Spanish to other Latinos in Denver (who clearly speak English as their second language as well) – you know what language they speak back to him in?


Almost 100% of the time.

There is however an exception to all of this in Denver. Tacos Jalisco on 38th and Tennyson. Yes, of course, they speak perfect English, but they will throw some Spanish in there for fun (no worries nothing to be intimidated about) and when you chat back with them in Spanish – they do as well.

Not only is Tacos Jalisco a bit of Spanish speaking fun but their Mexican food, has their own little delicious twist on it with lots of different salsas and subtle but great flavors.  David, Denver’s resident taco aficionado, would definitely want me to mention the Tacos de Camaron and the Tacos de Alambre.

The Best, Most Happy Energy in the Entire State of Colorado

PrideFest (June 21st and June 22nd, 2014) is hands down THE best event in the entire State of Colorado. David and I went for the first time last year on Sunday afternoon (lesson learned go on Saturday because you will also want to go on Sunday) kind of expecting the standard festival happenings, BUT instead discovered the biggest group of genuinely festive people the CO. has ever brought together. The energy was high (as in the opposite of low), the crowd and their costumes – all happy, music was pumping, crowds were dancing and EVERYONE was there to have a great time. On my list of Colorado things not to be missed this is in the top 2. Go!

Drink Whiskey in the Type of Place Where it is Meant to Be Drunk

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the hipster places popping up to drink booze, but sometimes I want to drink it in the kind of place where I believe it was intended to be drunk – out of a paper bag on a corner waiting for the bus.(That is a joke, mom.)

But seriously, you know, “the” whiskey place -the places that are a little less polished, a little more raw and a bit easier on the billfold. Want that?  Hit Tennyson Tap on 38th and Tennyson.

Please note it is actually on 38th, *near* the corner of Tennyson. I say this so you don’t walk down Tennyson for a mile and a half assuming you will just run into it  only to learn name does not necessarily mean literal geographic location as, ahum, someone might do.

Hangover Yoga

Oh how you brazenly drank like there was no tomorrow, only to wake up not so longer later to learn – there is one. And this reality is brought to you via a thunder in your head, a storm in your stomach and a serious case of yuck mouth. What to do? Hope Advil falls out of your ceiling fan along with a tall cold glass of water?  Jump in the shower and soak your head under hot and then freezing cold and then hot and then freezing water? Or do Hangover Yoga in your living room (or bathroom, no judgment) for $2.99 thanks to the hangover helpers at Yoga Download.

Zero Excuses Yoga (Sorry)

What my thought pattern looks like when I decide it is time to exercise? A bit like this, “Well, of course I will exercise! I will get to it right after I sweep and wash the floors (should probably do same at neighbor’s house to be neighborly and such), organize my Inbox, volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, clean out cat’s litter box (must first get cat), and then — ooops didn’t quite make it to yoga. Maybe tomorrow?”

Enter Yoga Download where for a few bucks a month (or even per class if you prefer) you have access to every type of yoga class, for every period of time, for every goal you could ever dream of and to kill every excuse you could ever dream up. You will be glad you did.

The Woman Who Walked Around the World (Literally) + Her Author Self-Publishing Classes

Ok, so here is some news – a year ago I wrote the blog post, The Best City in the U.S. and it went bananas – it has been read almost 400,000 times, shared over 80,000 times, even stolen a few times and so on.  Since then, I have greatly expanded on the content of that post and am in the process of turning it into a gift book (which I am crazy stoked about but that is a totally different story) so as part of this process I wanted to get some tips on how to market it.

This is where Polly Letofsky comes in. Polly wrote a book about how she walked around the world. Yes, walked and around the world – like heel toe express around the whole damn world. She now hosts very reasonably priced ($59 was the price of the course I took) and enormously helpful classes for authors who want to know more about marketing their self-published books. Learn more about Polly here. Contact her via the email address on her website or learn more about Polly’s support for self-published authors here.

Good Salads

Why is the simplest food so  hard to find? I mean, seriously, why is it I can find vegan Japanese-Peruvian fusion but I can’t find a decently interesting and tasty salad? Good news my friends! I found a place – True Food in Cherry Creek. Located on 2nd and Fillmore, True Food is based on the wacky concept that food can be both delicious and nutritious. Their offerings range from fresh squeezed juices and cocktails, fish, seafood, pasta, pizzas and of course – salads. Go early the place gets packed.

The Best of Philadelphia is in Denver

David and I were out celebrating the fact that he just landed a job at one of the biggest and certainly most well known companies in the world (to note David did not speak English until he was in his 20s and then a decade later he goes and lands a contract gig at a massive company his first shot out of the gate job hunting in the U.S. – marry someone who amazes you is the best marital I have got to give). So we find ourselves at River North Brewery – a fabulous place for many reasons – a few of which are – a feeling of simple neighborhood chill, it is downtown but not “in downtown” (which is a plus for things such as FREE parking, less crowds, less downtown shenanigans), good beer and on this particular day – Pride of Philly Cheesesteaks was parked out back. The guy came in and chatted with us. During this time he told us that he left some kind of not-such-a-riot office job to bring Philly to Denver.  That story alone sold us the first time – but then we had a taste of some of this Pride of Philly which sold us – hook line and sinker – the second time.

The Best of Vietnam in Boulder

If you love Vietnamese food, or if you just love food (and stunningly reasonable prices) you will love, love, love Chez Thuy on 28th near Valmont.

Firefighters Museum in Niwot

Firefighters Museum in Niwot

Two Adorable Towns Very Worth a Day Trip

It is easy to think, because I have, that the only thing between Denver and Boulder is a whole lot of Bed Bath n’ Beyond and mega-neighborhood complexes circa 2009, but this past weekend David and I visited two gems: Niwot and Louisville.

Niwot, is a wee little place a few miles northeast of Boulder. Their historic downtown area is about a block long but included in this is the most delightful place I have seen for a summer night’s meal – Colterra. (Their sister restaurant is Salt in Boulder.)

Although we did not get a chance to eat at Colterra their “canopy of hundred-year-old trees and a beautiful stone patio” and offerings of “Southern French and Northern Italian cuisine featuring the best local ingredients in peak season and in full flavor” ensure we will return for a visit.

A new brewery is opening on the historic street, a few quaint gift shops welcome visitors AND best of all they have a festival in August celebrating my people – Left Handers forced to live in a Right Handed world. Off Niwot Road is a plaza featuring all the things any little town needs and wants.

Louisville, comparatively, is much bigger. Main Street is loaded with more bars and restaurants than I bothered counting, and if and when you tire of Main Street, side streets have even more to entertain you. One of Louisville’s parks will particularly please the canine community with both the traditional dog park and even little lake for the dogs to take a dip. We stopped at the roof top deck of Rex for a drink.


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