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Looking for Guest Post Opportunities? Want to be published on The Delicious Day?


The Delicious Day is looking for passionate and thoughtful writers to share their perspective on the world’s wonderful people and places.

The Types of Posts We Love:

1. “Reasons to Go” Posts for anywhere you currently live (we love local know-how) or places you have visited and love. Examples include:

16 Reasons to Go to Detroit Right Now
7 Reasons to Go to La Veta, Colorado Right Now

2. Interviews with people that have fascinating, inspiring or compelling stories that help readers better understand a particular area of the world. Examples include:

An Interview with a Prostitute in Amsterdam’s Red Light District
Uncorked: The Man in Charge of Vail’s Biggest Wine List
Living in Belize: 101
Rwanda First Country in the World to Ban the Plastic Bag

3. “Best Things to Do” Posts. Examples our readers love include:

Best Things to Do in Denver #7
Hidden in Plain (Amazing) Views: Two Colorado Must-See Destinations
22 Reasons Everyone Falls in Love with Snowmass, Colorado

4. Photo Essay Posts. Examples our readers love include:

Waterfalls of the World
How to Remember the Dead
The 2013 Denver Zombie Crawl

A Few Small “Pleases”

  1. Please email us (linda at your idea. The email does not have to be anything fancy – just a few sentences on who you are, a link to other work you have done (if possible) and what you would like to write about.
  2. Please include links (as possible) to places mentioned.
  3. If doing a “Best Things to Do” post or “Reasons to Go” post, please mention at least 10 “things” or “reasons”.
  4. Please do not be overly self-promotional. (We love including a bio, a photo, if you would like and a link to your site. We also promote your widely on social media and in our newsletter. We are writers too. We like to give people props!)
  5. Please make sure any place you mention is both somewhere you have personally experienced and somewhere you believe to be exceptional, not-to-be-missed, must-sees and dos, etc.
  6. Photos are always great!

Have any questions? Get in touch with us (linda at

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