10 Taglines for Vail, Colorado?

#1) 99% of our population — male, 0% of our population — sober. #2) Seven miles wide, 5400 acres deep, 3,000 onesie sightings per day. #3) Cost of pizza at Two Elks Lodge = $4/slice + the 6000% eat here or choose to starve tax. #4) Sit back and relax — your entire vacation is […]

Q & A: Iraq War Veteran with PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is diagnosed in veterans, victims of terrorist attacks, rape, kidnapping, torture, abuse, plane crashes and violent assault. The symptoms and side effects of PTSD include among other things, flashbacks, loss of interest in life, emotional detachment, outbursts of anger, intense distress and at times, suicide. Clint Van Winkle author of Soft […]

Ghana to the U.S. with $20

Since childhood Kofi wanted to see the United States.  His ultimate arrival would be preceded by the murder of his brother and followed by both a love of his new country and a deep frustration over the prejudice he found…in the most unlikely of places. Here is a bit of his story. How was your […]

Q & A: Vietnam War Sniper

Ken went to Vietnam the way many did — involuntarily. For a large part of the  year and a half he was there, the U.S. military decided he was to be a sniper. Someone whose sole job was to psychologically dismantle the enemy, to play mind games with them, to instill fear in them — […]