How to Move to Cambodia

Craig planned to go on vacation to Cambodia for about three weeks. While he was there, he was having such a great time he extended his trip by a few days. He was only back in the United States for a few weeks before he decided he was going back for good. Two and a […]

Camping in Africa for 4.5 Months

Most people go to the beach for a week in the summer. Mike Valigore & Kelly Hatch went to Sub-Saharan Africa — for 4.5 months. While the rest of us were sipping mojitos in lounge chairs, Mike and Kelly were getting charged by elephants, swimming with great white sharks, visiting some of the most ravaged […]

Permanent Vacation Masters

The original plan was to retire early. Then, Betsy Talbot’s brother had a heart attack. And a close friend, a brain aneurysm. Betsy and her husband Warren, suddenly had a new perspective on life. The longest vacation they had ever been on was a week. They decided they should travel for a year. Then they […]

10 Taglines for Vegas Tourism?

#1) Not married? You will be. Married? You won’t be. #2) Sleeping is for pussies and/or for those who don’t feel like paying for one. #3) Two nights expenses? A teeny, teeny bit more than the GDP of Gambia. #4) Dear Mexico, We know you have that little availability of drinking water problem, but The […]