Parents-to-Be Living in a RV

Every month Ashleigh and Anthony’s jobs required them to move to a new small Australian mining town for work. When an influx of mining industry workers hit these small towns accommodations become scarce and prices skyrocket. Tw years ago Ashleigh and Anthony decided to beat the system  and bought their own accommodations — a pop-up […]

Stay At Home Dad to Twins

After three years of trying to get pregnant, Chris and Kerri were expecting twins. The twins, born 12 weeks early, would remain in the hospital for almost three months. When they finally came home, it made the most sense for Chris to stay at home with them and for Kerri to go back to work. […]

Best Decision This Mom Made

Meagan is an attorney, turned stay at home mom with two daughters, 3 and 1. She read a piece I recently wrote with another mother and emailed me to talk about her perspectives on pregnancy and motherhood. I asked her if she would be willing to share her thoughts and she happily agreed. Here is […]