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Keep Vacation Alive at the 9 to 5

It happened every time. I would be traveling through the world’s mountains, seas or cities and would have complete clarity as to what I should, and even more importantly, could be doing with my life. I could, I thought in these moments, have the same level of enthusiasm I have for strangers at home that […]

Why I Don’t Wear a Wedding Ring

I reluctantly tried marriage – once. I didn’t know how to get out of it which means I ultimately just went through with it. It was the highly not recommended – submission over admission approach. A year and a bit after he, I and the State of Colorado formed our three-way legal relationship, his affair […]

How to Not Fight. Ever.

A few things my husband, David and I have going against us that most couples don’t: We will never have the same native language We will never be able to both live in the same country as of our individual friends and families Being together requires the government involvement of two countries, tax complications which […]

How to Choose Friends

There are three types of people: 1. Those who are around for the good times 2. Those who are around for the bad times 3. Friends Does this mean that you should only associate with the #3s? Of course, not. Does it mean that you should always know who falls into what bucket and act/expect […]