Interview with Adam Baker

The day Adam Baker and his wife, Courtney brought their daughter home from the hospital, they put her to bed, sat down at the kitchen table and decided something needed to change. No, they did not want what many, understandably, do when their family starts to grow – a bigger house, a better car and […]

Made $8000 on Craigslist

Betsy and Warren Talbot lived in a big house and had all the stuff to fill it. With time they started to realize that although their home was full their lives were feeling a bit empty. They didn’t know what they wanted out of life but they knew what they didn’t want – stress, living […]

Parents-to-Be Living in a RV

Every month Ashleigh and Anthony’s jobs required them to move to a new small Australian mining town for work. When an influx of mining industry workers hit these small towns accommodations become scarce and prices skyrocket. Tw years ago Ashleigh and Anthony decided to beat the system  and bought their own accommodations — a pop-up […]