Q & A: Phone Sex Operator

Charlene got started in the phone sex industry 27 years ago when she responded to an ad that read, “Conversationalist. Adult Talk. Work from Home.” She makes about $5 for every 15 minutes she spends talking and listening to phone sex addicts, guys who want to have sex with their mothers and guys who are […]

Q & A: Iraq War Veteran with PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is diagnosed in veterans, victims of terrorist attacks, rape, kidnapping, torture, abuse, plane crashes and violent assault. The symptoms and side effects of PTSD include among other things, flashbacks, loss of interest in life, emotional detachment, outbursts of anger, intense distress and at times, suicide. Clint Van Winkle author of Soft […]

An Open Letter to the Starbuck’s Intern Guy

Hey Dude, First things first – nice work landing the Starbucks gig. That will undoubtedly look stellar on the CV come graduation time. Much better than schlocking pizza slices all summer, wouldn’t you say? You will have to find a nifty way to spin “Spent whole summer cutting and pasting customer feedback into an Excel spreadsheet”, but […]