Q & A with Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau wanted to build an online community and through that find a way to support himself. For 279 days he worked day and night. On the 279th day his earnings were $50,000 a year. Things have grown tremendously since then. This week he launched his newest book, The $100 Start Up which is being […]

Selling on eBay: Turn $9 to $700

Peggy began to understand the power of eBay when she sold an African fertility statue for $125 that she received for free at a white elephant work Christmas party. It drove her passion to see how cheap she could buy things and how much she could sell them for. She has had some unbelievable sales. […]

Leaving IT and Becoming a Life Coach

Benay Wettle worked in IT. She didn’t realize how miserable her job was until she was on a family vacation in Greece and started to hear horribly she spoke about it. When she got home to Australia she started to search for other options. She happened across life coaching. It intrigued her. After a 3-day […]

Left Job for Photography

At the age of 14 Lucia De Giovanni’s parents did something that would forever change the course of her life – they bought her a camera. Lucia spent almost two decades studying the camera, learning from her mentor David Burnett and working as a photojournalist. Then, thinking she needed traditional stability, security and to own […]