How to Live Abroad

Move to Australia, Live Free

After months of traveling Karen and Steve decided they wanted to settle in Australia for a bit. After traveling throughout Southeast Asia the cost of living in Australia was shocking. Determined to make it work, they started doing a little research. Through the help of a few websites they figured out how to live in […]

How to Move to Cambodia

Craig planned to go on vacation to Cambodia for about three weeks. While he was there, he was having such a great time he extended his trip by a few days. He was only back in the United States for a few weeks before he decided he was going back for good. Two and a […]

Ghana to the U.S. with $20

Since childhood Kofi wanted to see the United States.  His ultimate arrival would be preceded by the murder of his brother and followed by both a love of his new country and a deep frustration over the prejudice he found…in the most unlikely of places. Here is a bit of his story. How was your […]