How to Fall in Love

A healthy dose of relationship dysfunction in my mid-twenties would seem sufficient motivation to improve my boyfriend selection skills going forward. However, it was around the age of 28 I made a decision to be in a relationship which would prove to be the most profoundly ugly one of all. That decision would ultimately involve […]

Is Being PC F’ing Us All?

My lovely friend Lane was one mom in a two-mom household. Her story of dual-mommying was one, in my opinion, that needed to be told.  When Lane not only agreed to chat with me but was excited about the opportunity to share her and her wife’s story; we went about the same process I do […]

An Open Letter to the Starbuck’s Intern Guy

Hey Dude, First things first – nice work landing the Starbucks gig. That will undoubtedly look stellar on the CV come graduation time. Much better than schlocking pizza slices all summer, wouldn’t you say? You will have to find a nifty way to spin “Spent whole summer cutting and pasting customer feedback into an Excel spreadsheet”, but […]