The Only 3 Reasons to Go to College

The one question my parents permitted regarding college was, “Which are you going to attend?” Their persistence proved so successful I never considered, perhaps the other question, “Should I even go?” Lucky for me, mom and dad’s persuasion was accompanied with an offer to pay for all expenses minus the “fun” money – for which […]

7 Sad Truths for Expats

I liken the differences between traveling to another country and living there, to the differences between observing a bucking bull and being on the back of one. I learned this after living in Puerto Rico*, Amsterdam and my husband David’s hometown, a small village outside of Barcelona. What do I wish I would have known […]

How I Feel Used

Does feeling used have to feel like crap? I would argue, no. In fact, I would argue “used” can bring feelings of empowerment, connectedness and even downright euphoria. How? Because when I buy used belongings I understand, know and love all of this: That I spent drastically less which means I can work less. (And […]

Lessons in Funny Dog Death

Kooter was not his real name. But it was the name friends gave him when they saw his backyard collection of rusty 10 speed bicycles and equally rusty 55-gallon drums. His boom box playing AC/DC’s Back in Black album on repeat often rested atop these drums while he sat indoors and let the neighbors enjoy […]