Work Unconventionally

Life & Living in Ecuador as an Expat

Eleven years ago Dan Prescher and his wife, Suzan began working with With they lived and worked in many countries and cities throughout Central and South America. Although they loved all the places they lived, they especially enjoyed Ecuador. When they found an apartment for $50,000 overlooking an Andean mountain peak in a […]

Parents-to-Be Living in a RV

Every month Ashleigh and Anthony’s jobs required them to move to a new small Australian mining town for work. When an influx of mining industry workers hit these small towns accommodations become scarce and prices skyrocket. Tw years ago Ashleigh and Anthony decided to beat the system  and bought their own accommodations — a pop-up […]

How to Self Publish a Book

In 2000 Giselle Massi left her 16 year career in journalism with The Denver Post to write books. A year later her manuscript was complete, and with Giselle’s powerhouse literary agent behind her she appeared to be on the verge of a lucrative book deal with a major publishing house. Then at the eleventh (and […]