Work Unconventionally

Q & A: Srinivas Rao of BlogcastFM

I was first introduced to BlogcastFM and Srinivas Rao (Srini) through Betsy Talbot of Married with Luggage. She emailed me a link to his site as she thought I would dig his stuff. As Betsy took the time to email me from whatever third world country mountain village she was exploring at the time, I […]

Living in Belize: 101

In 2006, Lara Goldman’s husband was killed in a plane crash. Two years later she was ‘not getting any better.’ Around this time she had a conversation with her sparring partner. It reminded me of a conversation I would have with myself every time I was on a hour plus commute (one way) to work […]

Building a Business from Trouble

Sheila and I met when she shared her story with me about how she found an asthma cure through an alternative healing technique. As we were chatting she told me the story of her 12 year old niece, Kendra, who had lost her dad, her grandmother and her family dog, Irish. Her niece Kendra and […]